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So let me start out by saying I'm a huge Alden/Allen Edmonds fan, before people start going down that road.  I had a gift card from Macy's with a substantial amount on it (+$250).  So I went to the Macy's Herald Square store where they carry many brands not even listed on their website.  I found AE's their, however they do not carry my size and I wouldn't squeeze my feet into an ill fitting shoe.     Long story short I was able to find a pair of Bruno Magli's for ~ $250...
This little beauty saved my feet!  I can rock the strands now.  They provide cushion right where I need it, the ball of my foot. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001E6OCNK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Well 9d fits me perfectly but I need an insert so I have to change the size. What's odd is I wear many different shoes with leather soles and have no issues. Very bizarre.
I'm not sure about that, since I also bought some PA's five years or so back and I remember I had the same problem with the balls of my feet.  I exchanged them and same thing.  I ended up returning them.  Maybe something with AE shoes and me that just doesn't mesh well.  My friend has the same shoe I do and says they feel like he's walking on feathers.  So I'm not sure if it is my flat feet or not.  Every insert I try makes my feet rub up against the top of the shoe and it...
For Alden I wear a 9.5D for Aberdeen last and 9D for Barrie Last which both fit perfectly.  The stand I tried the 9D which fit perfect but did not allow room for insert.  I tried the 9.5 which hurt the top of my foot with insert.  The pair above is a 9E, which is still causing the same problem with the insert.  I just ordered a different one on amazon.  If it doesn't work I sadly have to send these guys back to the store...
I just picked up some Stands on sale.  They really hurt the balls of my feet.  I tried putting superfeet in them to see how it goes.  Just wanted to see if this was normal?  My aldens are super comfortable right out of the box.  Not too sure about AEs.  I would hate to have to return these guys.  
So I just picked up these Walnut Strands from Nordstrom on their Anniversary sale.  I just did a quick one over and saw this on the bottom of the heel.  Is this the thread coming out?  Not sure if it should be like this or am I over reacting?    
Hey guys, so I have a Schott 654 Cafe Racer jacket I picked up a few years ago.  Love it, however I'm currently wearing it with my black sperry slip on driving mocs when I go out.  So I'm debating on pulling the trigger on a pair of shoes.  I'm just curious which one do you guys think goes more with this jacket.  I'm debating between a pair of these wolverine 1000 mile boots or these Ferragamo Chelsea boots which are both on sale now at Nordstrom.  I was wondering which...
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