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Bump, Sorry about the size guys.  Thread has been updated.
For sale are my lightly worn Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots size 9d.  I just could not get into them after owning them for a short time.  I will ship within anywhere in the United States.  Again Boots are hardly worn as you can see from pictures My price is $125 and I'll cover shipping. Open to reasonable offers.
Guys, so I put up a shoe rack and organized my shoes.  I was surprised to see I own 16 pairs!  All I know is I'm definitely not buying any more shoes for a long time.  Just curious to see how many shoes other people have in their collections?   By the way, I definitely wear all my shoes so I feel like none of them are a waste.   From top to bottom, left to right.    Alden 920, AE Strand, Alden 966, NorthFace Hiking Boots To Boot Loafer, Hudson Suede Monk Strap,...
I ended up returning them today.  The leather felt way too soft for a high quality shoe.
So let me start out by saying I'm a huge Alden/Allen Edmonds fan, before people start going down that road.  I had a gift card from Macy's with a substantial amount on it (+$250).  So I went to the Macy's Herald Square store where they carry many brands not even listed on their website.  I found AE's their, however they do not carry my size and I wouldn't squeeze my feet into an ill fitting shoe.     Long story short I was able to find a pair of Bruno Magli's for ~ $250...
Really no one?
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