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 Got one too during my trip there..very nice.
They should release the Fishtail Parka in three sizes again..   S  M L   Would raise $$$ in a week.
The jacket wait times are fine imo. You were told the lead time would X but will take longer because of production bottleneck.   However, advising your buyers that wallets/backpacks would take 2 months when the ETA has already been over 4 months already with no updates in sight is wrong. It was specifically stated that it would only take 2 months, so far it has doubled. 
What happened anyways..they were pumping out jackets in 2-3 month wait time..quality product.   Lack of artisans? Couldn't keep up w/ the increasing demand?
Leather is like skin..it just looks more wrinkly and worn in as it ages. Can never look as smooth as when it was new. Most importantly IMO, is the shape molds to your body..I wouldn't worry about anything else, just get a quality leather that looks better as it gets beat up. As for stains, I think drew recommended wet naps.
Good fit imo.
I'll pay $201.
 I have a calf suede jacket and it's surprisingly thick and pliable at the same time. Rough too.
I thought any clothing over $200 in US is auto custom?   Assuming they inspect it
Your body size changes all the time anyways.
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