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Sounds about right.
@jet sorry to hear your loss, take care of yourself
Looks a bit weak..
Seriously, it takes like 5 minutes to walk into a dry cleaner w/ alterations, give them something to clean and let them measure you.   Or better yet, go buy tape measure and have someone do it for you.
Brand New in Box Common Project Mid Grey Size 43   $320 shipped US & Canada, please inquire for international.   Paypal + 4%
If you calculate pay/work hours put in, very likely.   But it can be very satisfying having full control and also, building something that is your own. 
 It's thick and also very tough. Surprisingly flexible and comfortable too. 
Yes, spring is here!
Been kopping for awhile now and here are my results:   Best: ToJ Parka (immune to the cold) ToJ BCDR (satisfied my leather thirst) W+H MA-1 (helped me survive winter with a vest on)   Noteworthy: SNS Herning Stark (Charcoal and Black) RW Muleskinner Iron Rangers (no maintenance and look great) SS Suit KKA Hook Blazer (travel blazer) W+H Dress Chinos (you can wear this with anything) Prada Sidezips (surprisingly, very good quality and comfortable boots) MMM...
$600 for that..haha.
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