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 The designs are clean and quality is not bad from what I've observed irl.
 Size up 1, for me it was L from a M.  Yeah, the fabric turned out ultra wrinkly after a wash.. Rather disappointing for a dress shirt, +J especially.
Bless Pleated-brother trousers in black cotton   Size Medium   Waist: 16.50” Front Rise: 10.50” Inseam: 33.50” Hem: 8.00”   From Suspensionpoint:   - Regular fit trousers with pleat detailing at the front. - Constructed from substantial black cotton with a crisp feel. - Two pockets at the front and one welt pocket with button closure at the back. - Double layered tab front closure with zipper fly. - Belt loops. Fabric: 100% Cotton Color: Black Made in:...
 It might be actually.. I bought a L in HK and I have 17" shoulders + 35.5" chest..Ditto on the arm lengths.
 Supply / demand + it seems they also have stranglehold on their target market.
Is it me or are Uniqlo dress shirts rather wrinkly after wash..
- Insulated Parka - Pair of Oxfords - Wool Lined Gloves..that extend through the forearms
 I understand but he should be at least providing refunds promptly.
Maybe the picture was the update? Lol   Not sure why he would leave the ToJ brand name to go to shit like this.
Nice stuff Benes. Them textures..
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