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 I understand but he should be at least providing refunds promptly.
Maybe the picture was the update? Lol   Not sure why he would leave the ToJ brand name to go to shit like this.
Nice stuff Benes. Them textures..
Never happened to me after selling a ton of stuff here at B&S. The standard is to ship to a verified PayPal address anyways..for the seller's own protection. I can understand why in this case though..orders are like 3+ month and people have school, vacation, jobs and places to go.
^ what was wrong with ur flannel? I picked up a checked flannel yday and I thought the fit was pretty good. Bit of flaring at the waist but nothing too serious. They really need to make the body/arm length of a M longer though. Getting annoyed of always having to size up because of garment length.
My only concern is a stock product (day packs, wallets) are taking 3-4x their predicted/promised production time. Now imagine that with custom jackets..wide product line, individualized leather/hardware/measurements..massive cutoff backlog Compound that with ToJ not really being in business anymore and operating the rest of this in good faith. Pretty sure everyone will get their jackets, it'll just be a long, long time. Also it's not surprising that the varsities were...
Figured I might as well complete the suit. Grabbed the +J blazer! Size up one.
The +J sweaters were not worth the $70 but it's surprisingly difficult to find narrow shoulders + long arm/body length tops. Quite satisfied with the solid colour wool pants, v-neck sweaters and collared dress shirts.
It's street x avant garde x tech oddly enough. Guess that's what's making a profit for them.
Any get any jackets or backpacks (lol) lately
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