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Looking to sell. Reasonable price. Charcoal Grey. Measurements: Size 46 with size 48 sleeves. Condition: Worn 5-10 times.
The lack of updates is unacceptable. You can say it's part of the model. Okay, there's no excuse for the lack of apologies, let alone threats.
Take 44.
CM transition to SW&D ha.
On a serious note, probably eyewear. 
Ya, too many people post beatup to shit clothing and justify it with "tons of life left." Just saying clothing does have a lifespan from wear and tear.
Things do eventually happen, lining ripped, stitching undone, fabric pilling, leather looking worn as shit, hardware missing, etc. Still useable I guess, but subjective.
Looks good.
Everyone just buys the low whites and blacks anyhow.
Got past the hype.   Soft washed denim so comfy and flexible.
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