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 I think the question is..how can refunds go out when employees aren't being paid?
I question how they still exist.
But high quality basics etc., styling, etc..   Seriously though, ever since I've discovered Uniqlo, haven't really gone back to W+H. Yeah, the quality and construction is different but the design element & philosophy is basically the same (colour blocking basics) and Uniqlo is like 1/6th of the price and lasts as long as you need it to. Uniqlo hoodie = $30, W+H = $180 (no I'm not going to wait for "sale" time).   Outerwear and shoes is where they shine though and...
The inseparable price / product / place rule never escapes. 
I have no idea either.
It's probably a combination of not having enough artisans to produce the leather jackets and also no workers to ship them out.The influx in orders at the end probably did not help.The delayed refunds really make me scratch head though.
I just realized that my removable liner from the ToJ parka..ends all the way to the arms. It was quite a surprise to me.   That's pretty impressive to me as I thought removable liners were mostly as restricted on the body only. Impressive craftsmanship and quality.   Hoping ToJ turns things around & keep the same product quality/design they've always offered, and maybe a new Chapter 2.0 version with stock products only (at most adjustable lengths), like the Fishtail,...
Conveniently leaving that out for all the updates.
Yeah Uniqlo is probably the Old Navy of Japan.   Just marketed differently here. I just happen to like their colour selection, fit, designs and price point. They do ULD, fleece, cotton and Heat Tech really well.
Knits and jackets are something I generally don't cheap out on..shoes as well. They just last longer and worth dropping more on. I only have like 3-4 knits but they do work and likewise with jackets too. Not worth the pilling, detoriation and discomfort. Leather and wool specifically. T-shirts, sweaters, jeans, etc, cotton in general, you can just get away with.
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