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I think everyone will recieve their jackets..just at a snail's pace. It's a shame how Drew is so busy with other work that he cannot face the pitchfork mob. Or rather, there's no point because everything is as it should be, except production is slower. The customer service is atrocious though, not surprising as resources are stretched thin I suppose (Charly and Dan working pro bono?).
The lack of communication is puzzling. Production is so slow he has nothing else to say.
Yup. More or less 1 - 2 weeks.
So far the owner of calf suede BCDR, ToJ MA-1, Fishtail and now Duffle. I really quite enjoy their wool. Cracked pepper is nice.
Seems like your issues are generally related to length, perhaps you have a slim and lanky build or Uniqlo caters to people with shorter lengths (Japan? No racist).
Thank you again for your suggestion.Some kind person was nice enough to lose my ULD vest at coat check so I was forced to look for a new vest. I ended up getting a coreloft and I am quite impressed by it so far. Minimalist, ultra thin and provides a constant source of heat. I hope it doesn't lose its warmth over time and leak like my ULD (although I loved that vest).
I've never had a problem selling anything here, the site which cannot be mentioned and SuFu. You have to price your stuff accordingly, it's used clothing, not a revolving door as LAGuy once mentioned. There's also a possiblity no one is interested in what you're selling.
ToJ makes good products for what you pay for (I own three). There are alternatives out there in terms of aesthetics (probably in Japan somewhere) but the unusually combination of quality, aesthetics, MTM, price and severe wait times is yet to be found. Maybe someone should open one?
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