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So the wallets/daypack eta 2 months was delayed because zippers..then production was stopped. Guess we'll get them when we get them.
I would say a higher priority is to keep your feet/hands/head dry and warm.   Then start thinking about a warmer coat.
 What's wrong with you It's unfair not to expect feedback when the delivery date is 2.5-3x what you were quoted. I also expect further shitposting from the other half year of unfilled orders.
..Why are daypacks / wallets taking so long to make?   They're stock products..
The suede is indeed underrated..it's super rough and tough yet surprisingly piliable.
What doesn't make sense is the wallet/daypacks..it was specifically stated that it would only take two months and now it's been 4-5+ with the excuse that the zippers are not as ordered.   If it takes this long to fix a stock item, imagine custom items..
If you read the post, you notice the jackets are being made one by one..maybe production is just really, really slow.
There hasn't been a new product or shipment for ages. What are people supposed to talk about?   Should just let the page sink down.
 Got one too during my trip there..very nice.
They should release the Fishtail Parka in three sizes again..   S  M L   Would raise $$$ in a week.
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