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Calf suede is awesome..broken in since Day 1 and still thick and sturdy.
Man people getting excited at getting suede CPs for $250 after multiple coupon stacking.   Can't wait to see what the retail on Achilles will be in a few years.
It's like no one of you have pre-ordered upcoming season's collections before..   Tip: Fire and forget
ToJ price/quality ratio is still heads and shoulders above everything else, especially when taking into consideration MTM & design/leather/colour choices.   Only problem is wait time and that's not a problem for some people.
The person wearing it and sizing.
Is this one of those things where you can only choose two out of three?
After 20% VAT?
 +1 BCDR is the best design. The quality + design at this price point is gold.
Sounds about right.
@jet sorry to hear your loss, take care of yourself
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