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Well, it was disappointing that a rogue FB post was needed to ellicit a reply. Also, why consider putting "grey" items for sale when the Paypal account is supposedly frozen? Why are there so many undelivrerables? I just feel bad for the people who were quoted 16-20 weeks for their jackets and waiting almost two years and the people waiting almost a year for their quoted 2 month lead time for wallets and daypacks and the people waiting for 5 month refunds. Here's to hoping...
I love how the wallet and daypacks were the "kickstarter".
The biggest concern is refunds.   Slow production, sure why not?   No cash = no refunds
I would say their quality has gone down a tad. The backpacks before were a lot better.
Personal experience from myself says a parka, MA-1, leather, couple pair of jeans, tees and dress shirt + you're good (not including undies and socks). I personally like vests too so I would include a couple. Boots (1-2 pairs), sneakers (1 or 2) and rotate accordingly. Bags themselves can cost a lot so you need to take that into consideration. Is this budget for streetwear only? Then you would need blazers, wool dress pants, formal shirts, ties, and dress shoes etc. if...
This is ridiculous and borderline theft.
It's okay. Barely passable.
This is actually a great summary. 2 year loan.
To be honest, that was the first restaurant that was opened.   Not sure why people are pointing fingers at Libertine.   I hope Drew's doing alright though, I respect his dreams of being an entrepreneur and living his life as a restaurant owner.
Achilles for $400 are a good deal now? I got them for like $250-300 back in the day and people were saying there overpriced back then.
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