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For the price paid, I think the jeans are great.
Purchased from another user here, but did not work out for me. Like new condition, only tried on by me. Using his ad and pictures with permission. Ad from previous owner:  TOJ Suiting Wool MA-1Color: Charcoal (Pretty Dark Grey)Size: Tagged Size 46/Small with 48 Sleeve Lengths (19.5" P2P, 24" Sleeves to Cuff Ribbing, 17.5" S2S, 25" Length).Condition: Worn Twice. Looking to get back the priced I paid, gone shipped US or Canada. Please add +4% for Paypal. I will ship...
ToJ is more like minimalist Saint Laurent at 1/4 of the price.   Acne has similar styling too I think.
Looks okay. Maybe I'm just stuck in the FW2011 / 2012 days. Bring back HR parks and MA-1! And decent Mac coats.
The 3-Way Coat is surprisingly sufficient for winter, combined with the ULD. Warmth and function with a good silhouette.
Do it. Their calf suede is incredible.
 Have all of the above (cept Clarks DBs) Permanent place in the wardrobe. Forgot MMM size zips btw.
I have a leather DR from them and it's pretty decent.
So far have a ToJ leather / wool / wool..   Should grab an accessory soon.
Calf suede ftw. The thickness without the overly being overly stiff.
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