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Quote:  I have actually been threatened with lawsuits more than once from irrate sellers; but they've got no case and I've got no money.    My new quote. Thanks for the laugh LA Guy.
I couldn't find a better place to put this. I was wondering if anyone knew of any consignment furniture stores that would have really good deals on nice looking couches, chairs, a table, etc. Thanks for the help. michael
Quote: maybe the fad will die when kids stop smoking pot. So you're saying never, right?
Vero, maybe it's the fact that I'm reading this post at 6:45 in the morning, but I take great offense to you telling me to pick better/different friends on the simple fact that they want me to get earrings. These are people that would go to bat for me, and presently are, and I can't imagine you want me to stop hanging out with them because their taste may or may not be conventional. I know you didn't mean any harm, but those types of opinions should generally be left to...
Alright, well I'm finally getting pushed from the nest, and the one thing I always promised I'd do is get earrings. All the girls I talk to say I should definitely do it, and no, it's not just to appease me, because then they'd say, "um yeah, that sounds like a good idea." Anyway, before I get a sharp (I hope) metallic object rammed through my ear, I was wondering what some opinions are from stylish guys.
How about a joint? That's what I'm going as this year. Post us a picture and let's see if we can't find someone thatyou look like? I have a friend that looked EXACTLY like Tony Soprano, showed up in a jogging suit and everyone loved it.
Erm.  Not sure.  I can't actually open the box until I pay my dad back for it, but bvlin should be able to say.
Alright so my shearling peacoat came in the mail today, and I was wondering if I need to treat it with anything. Also, I assume it shouldn't get rained on, is that right? Thanks for any help.
Hm. No opinions?
Thanks Kai.
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