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Do local Alden stores (specifically Alden of DC) stock narrower widths in the LHS? Looking for some color 8 LHS in a 12B.   Also any place that stocks the color 8 wingtip boots on the plaza last with the commando sole in narrow widths would be appreciated - though I've inquire about those on here before and I think I have to resort to special orders.
I almost want to change the medium brown captoes in my recent list to loafers, but I can't decide if that'd be too much casual and not enough ability to dress up.
^Seems versatile in terms of colors, but not formality/types/style.   After thinking about it more and seeing some suggestions here's a modified 5:   1. Black captoe oxford 2. dark brown suede chukkas (or lighter colored, not sure) 3. Tan double monk cap toes 4. Color 8 wingtip boot (commando soles for inclement weather) 5. Medium brown captoe oxford   Thoughts?
  I love this. Although maybe it would look a little better with a light blue oxford shirt or a blue vertically striped shirt? As it stands now I think the pants and the shirt and the pocket square are a bit much red. This would make the pocket square stand out a bit more, and I love that square.
I would have included some, but I like boots so I wanted to get a boot in there, and I felt that double monks were pretty similar to plain toe bluchers and loafers so they seemed a little redundant. I'm thinking about changing up my lineup and substituting a monk for either the PTB or the loafers, not sure.
^ Didn't notice that until you pointed it out. In general, how much are bespoke overcoats if you source the fabric yourself?
  FWIW SB I quite like the pairing of the sweater with the shorts. I agree with others that the shoe was the wrong choice here. Maybe not a chukka but instead a loafer? Just spit-ballin my rather inexperienced thoughts on the matter.   Maybe some people feel long sleeves with shorts are an incongruous look, but I like it. 
I've had bad experiences with J. Gilbert. They don't seem to want my money. I also haven't been too persistant in following up, but they haven't responded to emails nor let me know about orders when they said they would.
Everyone seems to love chesleas. I admit I like them, but I love different boots a lot more (balmorals are a favorite), what's the appeal that I'm missing?
[[SPOILER]] Do you know what fabric this is? I like it.
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