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So I wore my suede chukkas out and it started to rain. They weren't waterproofed and now have a bit of a white line on the toe. Are these permanently damaged? I tried to brush with the soft part of a suede brush but it didn't seem to be working. I really need to waterproof these.    
Is Nikwax a reputable brand for suede waterproofing?
It's a sad day for me, if those were 11.5 I would buy instantly . Good luck selling those!
What size are te Jodphurs?
What's the measurement from pit to pit?
A humble request from a tall guy: please start making your chino's with a 36" inseam. Also, sport coats in long sizes would be excellent.
Would it ever be possible to order a B width when you guys were doing preorders of anything? I hate my narrow feet.
Well here goes nothing: first fit pic ever. It came out a lot more amateurish than expected (combination of a long, hot day, me being in my brothers room for the shoot, and it being raining outside so I couldn't get a natural light pick). I assure you the right shirt sleeve is long enough to be seen normally, not sure what happened.  
How much do the Chino's shrink in the waist and the thigh when being washed in hot water?
Just got a new Canali Jacket in the mail, it's a 42L (and I'm ideally a 40 XL), I just wanted to see if it wasn't unsalvageably big in the chest. Please tell me this can be taken in sufficiently.     Can't seem to get that back one to unflip itself, sorry. 
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