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I don't know what it is, but I personally don't like split toes. That link of the four shoes you posted is awesome though PSG, thanks for that.    Currently trying to tell myself not to pick up a pair of suede Chelsea's because they've been in neither of my top 5 and I already have a suede shoe, but not much else as I'm literally building from nothing. 
Just found this thread and went through it all, love it. Did it die though, or just peter out due to the colder months?
^ I want one.
  Ah this is what I was referring to, sorry about that!
So the consensus is on the first shirt go with measurements from a well fitting shirt you own? Should I go exact or add a bit to account for shrinkage?   Also, can someone explain to me fused vs unfused collars? I'm having trouble grasping the intricacies of the differences and the advantages of either method.    Finally, what do i do for the wide spread collars that are button down? Just note that in my custom options?
Do local Alden stores (specifically Alden of DC) stock narrower widths in the LHS? Looking for some color 8 LHS in a 12B.   Also any place that stocks the color 8 wingtip boots on the plaza last with the commando sole in narrow widths would be appreciated - though I've inquire about those on here before and I think I have to resort to special orders.
I almost want to change the medium brown captoes in my recent list to loafers, but I can't decide if that'd be too much casual and not enough ability to dress up.
^Seems versatile in terms of colors, but not formality/types/style.   After thinking about it more and seeing some suggestions here's a modified 5:   1. Black captoe oxford 2. dark brown suede chukkas (or lighter colored, not sure) 3. Tan double monk cap toes 4. Color 8 wingtip boot (commando soles for inclement weather) 5. Medium brown captoe oxford   Thoughts?
  I love this. Although maybe it would look a little better with a light blue oxford shirt or a blue vertically striped shirt? As it stands now I think the pants and the shirt and the pocket square are a bit much red. This would make the pocket square stand out a bit more, and I love that square.
I would have included some, but I like boots so I wanted to get a boot in there, and I felt that double monks were pretty similar to plain toe bluchers and loafers so they seemed a little redundant. I'm thinking about changing up my lineup and substituting a monk for either the PTB or the loafers, not sure.
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