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Everyone seems to love chesleas. I admit I like them, but I love different boots a lot more (balmorals are a favorite), what's the appeal that I'm missing?
[[SPOILER]] Do you know what fabric this is? I like it.
Thank you PSG. As you pointed out, those other threads are just random people weighing in to give the three shoes they would like to live with. As such it's just the reader trying to figure out what lifestyle/wardrobe they're talking about and try to see if that would work for me, rather than in here where I've specifically laid out criteria to meet.   Those other threads may have contributions from forum heavyweights, but given that forum heavyweights such as Manton,...
  Would you advise then that only the chukkas be in suede and the rest be all in calfskin and or shell?    
Very nice. Definitely fulfills a different set of goals than mine. What shoe is that?
Because I, like many others, particularly like shoes, and because shoes are - barring suits - generally the most expensive investment one is likely to make in a wardrobe certainly at least when building a wardrobe, I have sought to make a thread dedicated to seeking out the five best shoes types to make for the person constructing their wardrobe. Now, because I have said that these shoes are for the person building their wardrobe and this wardrobe is supposed to be a...
Another thread resurrect: if I generally wear a size 12B will I fit into a U last size 46?
So if I have narrow feet (12B) what should I go for in terms of lasts for Carmina? An 11.5 in the Simpson or the Alcuida?
You can try and critique it, but the double pleats, beard, and cap clearly tell you to fuck off because he know's he's the man.
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