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Does Rider have a last system? If so, what are the lasts for this? And are there trees at all?
We've got Spoo's robot pose and upr's stting down pose, it looks like Ian's constipation pose is making itself known.   Also I love the fit today especially the color + lapels for me. 
  That first goal by Kroos was a blast. Luckily Man U got out of Madrid with a draw, looking forward to the match at Old Trafford.
  Love it. Just saw your blog in your signature and have been browsing it for the past 30 minutes or so - excellent work. I'm envious of your wardrobe.
I hope the spring will bring about a resurgence of the peacocks. Very entertaining thread and it was nice to see posters like TTO, Barims, and EFV
I don't know what it is, but I personally don't like split toes. That link of the four shoes you posted is awesome though PSG, thanks for that.    Currently trying to tell myself not to pick up a pair of suede Chelsea's because they've been in neither of my top 5 and I already have a suede shoe, but not much else as I'm literally building from nothing. 
Just found this thread and went through it all, love it. Did it die though, or just peter out due to the colder months?
^Inspiring...now I want one.
  Ah this is what I was referring to, sorry about that!
So the consensus is on the first shirt go with measurements from a well fitting shirt you own? Should I go exact or add a bit to account for shrinkage?   Also, can someone explain to me fused vs unfused collars? I'm having trouble grasping the intricacies of the differences and the advantages of either method.    Finally, what do i do for the wide spread collars that are button down? Just note that in my custom options?
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