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I really like that as a casual coat. Is it purchasable?
  Nice. Where did you get your cargo pants? 
So no one can speak to what a 12B in Alden's plaza last would translate to in terms of Carmina lasts?
Can these be ordered online?
Very good list, I think I would change out the black wingtip oxfords for a boot or a chukka to make it more casual for my needs, but I love the burgundy loafers and the oxblood derbies.
Does Rider have a last system? If so, what are the lasts for this? And are there trees at all?
We've got Spoo's robot pose and upr's stting down pose, it looks like Ian's constipation pose is making itself known.   Also I love the fit today especially the color + lapels for me. 
  That first goal by Kroos was a blast. Luckily Man U got out of Madrid with a draw, looking forward to the match at Old Trafford.
  Love it. Just saw your blog in your signature and have been browsing it for the past 30 minutes or so - excellent work. I'm envious of your wardrobe.
I hope the spring will bring about a resurgence of the peacocks. Very entertaining thread and it was nice to see posters like TTO, Barims, and EFV
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