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Anything you can do Butler does better, Butler does anything better than you.
I registered last week and it used to say that my account was inactive, but now it's saying that I specified a username that does not exist - does this mean that they rejected me? If so, how exclusive is this place and how do you get in if all they have to go off is a username?
Anyone know a place in London that sells Saphir suede cleaner and waterproofer?
Anyone know where I can get a pair of color 8 wingitp boots? J Gilbert used to have them but it doesn't appear they do anymore. Preferably commando soled and in a plaza last.
Gorgeous. Awaiting measurements. How much room in the sleeves to let out?
What are the width on these? Again I find myself looking jealously at your wares.
Intending to buy my second jacket tomorrow. I have a Canali one which is a a tan color with light blue and gray windowpane.          I want to get the jacket for a navy suit from Ede & Ravenscroft seen here: http://shop.edeandravenscroft.co.uk/products/navy-plainweave-single-breasted-jacket with the plan of probably buying the trousers at a later time as funds come in, or if not just wearing this as my standard blazer. My question is, is this advisable for a...
This has consistently been one of my favorite threads and DSMIVTR and NAMOR you guys always have phenomenal boots.
So I wore my suede chukkas out and it started to rain. They weren't waterproofed and now have a bit of a white line on the toe. Are these permanently damaged? I tried to brush with the soft part of a suede brush but it didn't seem to be working. I really need to waterproof these.    
Is Nikwax a reputable brand for suede waterproofing?
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