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If I'm a 12B in Alden's Plaza last, what would you recommend for Carmina lasts?
I'm not familiar with Carmina - anyone know what lasts are available in a B width?
So in general is one able to specify different widths for these orders?
    What is image quality?
Do people really not like the braces with belt loops that much? I only ask because I have a pair of trousers I'm thinking about getting buttons added to to accomodate braces, but I still want to keep the belt loops so I can wear it without a jacket but with a belt - the mode of wearing which is more common to me really.
[[SPOILER]]   Just out of curiosity, how much did this go for? Also how much does it retail for?   I also really like the military style coats, especially this one: http://davidetaub.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/military-style-winter-warm-great-coat.html which I believe NYI used as the basis for a coat he had made.
Thinking of picking up my first couple PS tomorrow. Any recommendations? Obviously white linen seems to be the starting point, but for one with a bit of flair?
Not to hijack this thread, but if you were going into a lifestyle that only required 2-4 suits, would you recommend going for mostly worsted and mid weights just to have the versatility?
Really? They were supposed to contact me bout pre-orders over the winter because I need a B width, but they never did, and now looking at their site they don't even have the boot listed.
Is there any place online that is selling a color 8 wingtip boot, preferably in the plaza last?
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