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You can try and critique it, but the double pleats, beard, and cap clearly tell you to fuck off because he know's he's the man.
  I was unaware, I just missed it! 
Okay I'm thinking about finally pulling the trigger on some momo's, but I'm still not sure what fit/size to get. My past experience in raw denim was when I was slightly slimmer and wore a size 32 waist. I foolishly took the nooby advice of buying the smallest size N&F's that I could fit into and ended up in a size 30 Weird Guy indigo/indigo denim. Needless to say after wearing them about 3 times I realized I had made a mistake. The thighs were just agonizingly too small....
Very nice, love the sweater.
It's a Lands End sweater I got last year
  No suggestions sadly, but can you post a pic of the HE Box 32 oz cavalry twill when you get it? I've been trying to get a good look at that as I'm also looking at a nice overcoat.
Anyone up for a remake of the Burgundy Shell Cordovan Austerity Brogue Balmoral Boot?
If I'm a 12B in Alden's Plaza last, what would you recommend for Carmina lasts?
I'm not familiar with Carmina - anyone know what lasts are available in a B width?
So in general is one able to specify different widths for these orders?
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