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Another thread resurrect: if I generally wear a size 12B will I fit into a U last size 46?
So if I have narrow feet (12B) what should I go for in terms of lasts for Carmina? An 11.5 in the Simpson or the Alcuida?
You can try and critique it, but the double pleats, beard, and cap clearly tell you to fuck off because he know's he's the man.
  I was unaware, I just missed it! 
Okay I'm thinking about finally pulling the trigger on some momo's, but I'm still not sure what fit/size to get. My past experience in raw denim was when I was slightly slimmer and wore a size 32 waist. I foolishly took the nooby advice of buying the smallest size N&F's that I could fit into and ended up in a size 30 Weird Guy indigo/indigo denim. Needless to say after wearing them about 3 times I realized I had made a mistake. The thighs were just agonizingly too small....
Very nice, love the sweater.
It's a Lands End sweater I got last year
  No suggestions sadly, but can you post a pic of the HE Box 32 oz cavalry twill when you get it? I've been trying to get a good look at that as I'm also looking at a nice overcoat.
Anyone up for a remake of the Burgundy Shell Cordovan Austerity Brogue Balmoral Boot?
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