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@luxire I wanted to take the plunge and order my first pair of trousers. I was eyeing the blue indigo linen fabric however it seems like the test pants would be a prudent move to dial in the fit (and that seems to be the sentiment echoed here). I definitely like the rust colored ones that thefoxtooth has. However, since I still would like to get the linen pair in as quickly as possible before the summer season is out, but after I’ve received my pair of test chinos so I can...
@Luxire: I’ve been wanting to order a peacoat for a while but I was wondering if you could upload an example of each style of peacoat you currently offer? Right now I see examples of the standard, vintage, and sky fall but I can’t see what the US military one looks like and the details on some are hard to make out. Secondly, I wanted to get this by end of January to still have some time to use it this winter - is the turnaround quick enough to allow for that?
Looking to purchase a pea coat but I would like to have it before this winter is out. Assuming I order in the next few days what’s the expected turnaround before that’s delivered?
Has anyone had the peacoat done in the Dudgale grey herringbone cloth? If so are there any pictures available that the purchaser or Luxire could provide?
Should they be soaked inside out our not our is that irrelevant?
Just got my 201's in the mail and they look beautiful. I'm very happy with the fit, a little bit of extra in the waist but not overmuch and it fits nicely around the legs through the taper. About to go do my first hot soak of raw denim ever - any last tips I should know about the process? Basically just planning on sitting in a tub of hot (105 deg F) water for an hour then taking them off to hang dry, am I missing anything? Can I shrink the leg opening more if I let the...
Just pulled the trigger on some 201's from Okayama finally. Now the long wait until they arrive!
I'm about to order from them as well, what fabric did you get? I wanna see how the herringbone grey looks in a full peacoat.
 Thanks for the quick response as always! Do you happen to have any photos of any peacoat done in the Dudgale Grey Herringbone? I'd love to see how that looks in a finished peacoat.
Cross posting this to the Luxire thread because I'm not sure how frequently the peacoat thread is checked:   How long is the turnaround on a peacoat? If I were to order it today, would it come before the holiday season?    Also, I was looking at the peacoat maker on your site and I was a little bit confused as to what cloth the thumbnails correspond to as well as what the different styles look like (I'm assuming the first thumbnail is the traditional US Navy styling,...
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