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Unfortunately not, I’m in LA for the summer before going to North Carolina once fall comes
Can you give more precise measurements and also the measure from the shoulder to the end of the sleeve?
A younger, more naïve me thought I wanted to become a CM aficionado. Thus I lurked and studied CM and gained a respectable understanding of the CM rules and structures and ideas. But a slightly older and still foolish me now realizes that I don’t really need to dress CM, and most of the time I’d prefer not to unless I’m feeling proper. So time to follow you Caustic Man, thanks for the thread. Thank you everyone else for the input thus far. Subscribing and imbibing knowlege.
I know I was more than pleasantly surprised!
Just got the shipment confirmation on my first pair of Luxire pants (the trial trousers in rust), very quick turnaround as I ordered them on the Fourth of July. I’m far too excited for them to come in, especially because then I can tweak them to order a pair of the indigo linens - I’ve caught the bug it seems. Once I’ve dialed in the bottom half it’ll be on to shirts to get those right.
When you say the execution is okay, do you mean in terms of construction? Or overall from a design standpoint it’s lacking because of the reasons you mentioned? Does the bag retain it’s shape and stay in the “bag” formation pretty easily once it’s put into there?
I recently came across the Garment Weekender Bag by Hook and Albert. It seems like a very cool and pragmatic concept (here’s a youtube video of it) and I was wondering if anyone here has one or has had any experience with one?
I am, thanks, hope you are as well! If you do get another pair of cigar LHS in our size if you let me know that’d be much appreciated. They’re my grail casual shoe and have been for a year or so
Thanks for the quick response! Just ordered my rust chinos, can’t wait for them to come in. Still salivating over the indigo linens as well so I’ll be ordering them the instant my rust chinos come in
Namor! Are you selling these on Ebay as well? I think I see them listed there and I wanted to ask a question, but it says you’re (if that’s you) aren’t taking any quesitons about the item. How much have these beauties been worn? Are the creases set in? I’ve bee lusting over a pair of cigar LHS for some time now and I actually don’t even mind the little mark on the right upper, I strangely kind of like it. Sadly they’re still a little out of my price range right now.
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