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DB9, I love your boots/footwear game. We have the same taste there. Unfortunately only one of us has the budget to afford it so I’ll vicariously know the joy of owning some through your fits.
I searched “No Man styling challenge” and it didn’t seem to turn up an appropriate thread. Am I missing something obvious here?
Thanks for the tip! Do you know if either have side pockets under the bottom flap pockets for putting your handses in your pocketses?EDIT: also, does anyone have experience with taking EG jackets to the tailor? Good idea? Terrible idea? Just wondering how precise I need to be in matching my measurements online or if a competent tailor should be able to work with the garment.
I have a broken hand due to stupidity, so time to get back on the predominantly running routine. Did 2.5 miles barefoot on the beach today. Loving the added workout provided by the give in the sand.
WTB an olive colored Explorer Jacket or Enfiield Jacket (not sure of which lines, I’m new) in a L or XL. I’ve never bought or had experience with Engineered Garments so bearing with me through some picture and measurement requests would be appreciated as I try to find something that fits solely from provided measurements and photos. Cheers!
Just found out about Engineered Garments today…I’m new to the game so I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this jacket (or anything stylistically similar) was made in an olive?
Erm, how are you measuring the shoulder? I thought it was standard to do across the yoke on the back and I’m 6’4” with a 19.5” shoulder measure that way. Also, how many pockets does the jacket have?
Unfortunately not, I’m in LA for the summer before going to North Carolina once fall comes
Can you give more precise measurements and also the measure from the shoulder to the end of the sleeve?
A younger, more naïve me thought I wanted to become a CM aficionado. Thus I lurked and studied CM and gained a respectable understanding of the CM rules and structures and ideas. But a slightly older and still foolish me now realizes that I don’t really need to dress CM, and most of the time I’d prefer not to unless I’m feeling proper. So time to follow you Caustic Man, thanks for the thread. Thank you everyone else for the input thus far. Subscribing and imbibing knowlege.
New Posts  All Forums: