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@ManofKent I love how comfortable and natural you are in all your fits, be it your "heading to work" pics or your bolder, inspiring casual fits.
So here are my new pair of Luxire trial pants, was hoping for some educated input (@Despos) to tell me how I can best alter these to not be so restrictive.  [[SPOILER]]  I want about 1"-1 1/2" all around in the seat area - is that as simple as specifying each measurement with that extra room (e.g. hip + .75", front rise + 1.5", back rise +1.5" etc.) or does the sum of all those affect the fit more than just adding measurements would seem?Also I think I need to add at least...
Okay so here's how my trial pair of rust chinos looks being worn after the wash shrinking:           Obviously I need to add some room all over (although ironically perhaps not the inseam, which is rare for me). I think I need 1"-1 1/2" of room all around the seat and derrière area - is that a simple and straightforward fix as adding those numbers to those areas? Or is there more going on there that I would have to account for. Say adding an inch and a half to...
Got my first order of Luxire pants, they shrunk in the wash which was unexpected (and I had already made them slim so I didn't have much margin for error...). Because I'm stubborn and cash strapped and skinny jeans/pants were a thing for a while a few years ago I'm wearing them for a day to see if they don't stretch out a little before I toss them in the bin or donate them. Good thing I went with the trial pair. Mystery Luxire Seabago Time to walk around as the...
Received my first pair of trial pants today (incredible turnaround, ordered them the 4th!) and have to say I'm impressed with the workmanship and detail for MTM and especially at the price point. Unfortunately I tried to take a little bit off of the measurements of some pants I had in an effort to make them slimmer, and additionally I didn't think the pants would shrink (figured they were pre-shrunk, whoops) in the wash. When I first tried them on they were a little snug,...
Like this look the best so far CM (but you and I are walking the same path so that approval might not carry the same weight as others'). Also thanks for including the closeup, the jacket looked midnight navy or black in the first pic so the detail really changed the overall impression.
What is a Hollywood waistband?
That's sounds insane wingin' it, a well earned medal indeed.  Meanwhile I did a pedestrian 5 miles on the beach today
Midwesterner/East-Coaster trying to blend in with the local crowd* in Santa Monica Sunglasses (barely pictured) | Smith Muji J. Crew J. Crew Birks
I feared as much. I hoped the fact that being an awkwardly slender 6’4” guy would mean I wouldn’t offer competition to the majority of people, but it makes sense.Thanks for the distinciton on Buffalo Exchange, that’s enlightening
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