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Like this look the best so far CM (but you and I are walking the same path so that approval might not carry the same weight as others'). Also thanks for including the closeup, the jacket looked midnight navy or black in the first pic so the detail really changed the overall impression.
What is a Hollywood waistband?
That's sounds insane wingin' it, a well earned medal indeed.  Meanwhile I did a pedestrian 5 miles on the beach today
Midwesterner/East-Coaster trying to blend in with the local crowd* in Santa Monica Sunglasses (barely pictured) | Smith Muji J. Crew J. Crew Birks
I feared as much. I hoped the fact that being an awkwardly slender 6’4” guy would mean I wouldn’t offer competition to the majority of people, but it makes sense.Thanks for the distinciton on Buffalo Exchange, that’s enlightening
I’m in LA for the summer, and I know there’s a decent representation of the SF community that is in and around the LA area so I was hoping the more seasoned here could point me to some of the better thrift stores to check out. Just had a decent jaunt into Buffalo Exchange on Main Street in Santa Monica but I bet there are far better, or much more, ones than that.
Based on extensive online research (and annoying a few salespeople with calls) I’ve concluded I need a Large. So WTB L only Enfield Jacket in Khaki or Olive (prefer Khaki, but not too picky)
DB9, I love your boots/footwear game. We have the same taste there. Unfortunately only one of us has the budget to afford it so I’ll vicariously know the joy of owning some through your fits.
I searched “No Man styling challenge” and it didn’t seem to turn up an appropriate thread. Am I missing something obvious here?
New Posts  All Forums: