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I consider myself a color 8 guy, but these cigar LHS are changing my opinion. Beautiful!
    Baoding balls?
    As a Caps fan, this should be a great series, though not so great as our last one.   
This fit is amazing. Any chance that Momotaro will come out with something similar for their products that are collabs with Japan Blue?
    No contention meant, just curiosity; what would you call an earthy aesthetic? To me it's mostly a color scheme of browns, greens, hazels, et al. I don't quite feel the earthy vibe from NYR's sumbision. Is it the simplistic top and denim?
So I bought these shoes about 2 years ago before I knew about SF and before I knew about how to clean them (I still dont, hence this post). They are suede shoes that I have personally never treated/cared for properly. On the left shoe towards the outside is a mark which came about from me getting a bit of dirt on them and then wetting a paper towel and rubbing vigorously over the spot. Apparently that was a mistake, as I've been walking around with that spot there for...
    Browsing with RES and opening all the images, you realized just how homogenous the sense of "style" is on that board.    Yeah I've been lurking for around 5 months, and I'm definitely starting to understand what I like in terms of style. Just curious as to whether or not starting with the higher end brands is a good idea.   Thanks for the help!
I'll be sure to start checking out SW&D then, thanks!
    I'm not going for dressing up in a full suit all the time, but I've always been drawn to dressing nicely. I think I'd like to have a more MC casual style with sportcoats and pants, as well as mixing some denim/jeans rather than full casual SW&D, though I'll start browsing there. I do realize that my predilection towards dressing nicer on campus might not be widely accepted, but I'm not too concerned with that .       Haha, I realized that a while back, now I just...
I'm a not quite broke college kid who's been browsing SF for a few months and style blogs for a little longer. (Spoiler, also reddit.com/r/malefashion advice, sue me). I'm at the point where I want to start building a wardrobe.   I've heard that as you build up you should move up the ladder in quality for various things. For example, with shoes I should start with AEs, get a feel for how my foot works, move on up to Aldens, and then start buying the "higher tier"...
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