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What's the sleeve length on these?
I think I'll wear my old cross country shoes. Muddy and smelly and the antithesis of Alden. 
Oh no, hadn't considered this. What should I do?
After months of fawning over this thread, I'm going to the Alden of D.C. store tomorrow. Hopefully I will join you gentlemen. Looking to pick up a pair of #8 wing tip boots. 
Did they stretch much in the waist?
For all of you who have worn your N&F's for a while, how much have they stretched out?
Here is a link to the post he is referring to http://www.styleforum.net/t/56725/naked-and-famous-denim/7260#post_5178590
Thanks for the quick response! Do you know how much they will stretch out again post soak?
How much will the 201's shrink? I have a pair of N&F weird guys in 30 that have a 12" thigh. Those are jeggings on me so I was hoping for something with a little more room. According to the BiG the 31 201's have 12.75" in the thigh. 
Thanks for the reply! If only these were available in a size 31 right now. I have a pair of 30 WG's that I'm currently trying to sell because I've come to the conclusion that they're just too tight (people have asked me if I'm wearing jeggings tight). These have an extra .75 inches pre soak, so I figure about an extra half an inch after wearing them back out. Though the 30's are the same thigh as the 31s. Decisions decisions. 
New Posts  All Forums: