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Izach, LHS stands for Leisure Hand Sewn, these are the loafers (hence leisure) and are hand sewn.   PTB stands for Plain Toe Blucher. As I understand it a blucher is an oxford where the laces don't tie together tightly and therefor the tongue is visible. 
And if I'm not stuck on APC's? What alternatives would you recommend?
Is this 100% wool?
So I have a pair of N&F weird guy indigo's that are size 30. I think 30/31 is the correct size for me, but I have pretty big thighs and these things are skintight. I mean they look like jeggings, even after a few weeks of wear.   Is there a pair of APC's or something in the <$200 price range that has a similar taper as the weird guys, but a bit bigger in the rise/thighs. I hear APC's stretch quite a bit. 
Something terrible happened today gents. I found out that in a plaza last my size is most accurately an 11 1/2 B. where can I find a color 8 wing tip boot in shell cordovan in an 11 1/2 B?
Hey there, Is the solid one a light blue or white? And is it $35 for both or for each?   Thanks!
What's the sleeve length on these?
I think I'll wear my old cross country shoes. Muddy and smelly and the antithesis of Alden. 
Oh no, hadn't considered this. What should I do?
After months of fawning over this thread, I'm going to the Alden of D.C. store tomorrow. Hopefully I will join you gentlemen. Looking to pick up a pair of #8 wing tip boots. 
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