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Is there a store near DC that carries the 201 and 701/710's to try on?
    I wanted to steal your thunder, but thought better of it.
As a tall guy looking around the store for the first time, I'm a little sad. There's so many beautiful garments that are just a bit too short. Have you guys considere carrying trousers in 36 inseam, and making your sport coats/jackets in a long option? 
If I chose to run only, could I still do body exercises (e.g. dips, push ups,  pull ups etc.)?
Have they been hot soaked? If not, can I get a thigh measurement? 
Clearly you have never been to Powell's Books in downtown Portland, OR. Then again I haven't been to Nicholas Hoare.   
I really like your pants, where did you get them?
My absolutely favorite shoe. Stunning.
Yes you can, but this looks like a decidedly unenlightening conversation. Have fun. 
I see, I made a mistake, I happen to know that word.   Good luck in a life and career in which you extrapolate from one data point!
New Posts  All Forums: