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Is this 100% wool?
So I have a pair of N&F weird guy indigo's that are size 30. I think 30/31 is the correct size for me, but I have pretty big thighs and these things are skintight. I mean they look like jeggings, even after a few weeks of wear.   Is there a pair of APC's or something in the <$200 price range that has a similar taper as the weird guys, but a bit bigger in the rise/thighs. I hear APC's stretch quite a bit. 
Something terrible happened today gents. I found out that in a plaza last my size is most accurately an 11 1/2 B. where can I find a color 8 wing tip boot in shell cordovan in an 11 1/2 B?
Hey there, Is the solid one a light blue or white? And is it $35 for both or for each?   Thanks!
What's the sleeve length on these?
I think I'll wear my old cross country shoes. Muddy and smelly and the antithesis of Alden. 
Oh no, hadn't considered this. What should I do?
After months of fawning over this thread, I'm going to the Alden of D.C. store tomorrow. Hopefully I will join you gentlemen. Looking to pick up a pair of #8 wing tip boots. 
Did they stretch much in the waist?
For all of you who have worn your N&F's for a while, how much have they stretched out?
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