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If only you were a smaller width NAMOR, I would totally cop all your shoes and boots as you grew tired of them. Startin with that #8 cap toe boot in your sig.
Just found this thread. I'm 6'4" and 170 lbs (196cm, 74.5 kg), and I'm going to order my first shirt from tailorstor.com, I'll be sure to let everyone know how it goes.   Also, I'm one of your typical broke college kids, and I was going to order 2 or 3 shirts from Lands End in their slim-fit tall line, does anyone have any experience with them?
  Hey Jay, do you know if Momotaro will be making a pair in the new tapered fit themselves that isn't a collab? Or is this just a one-off thing?
I consider myself a color 8 guy, but these cigar LHS are changing my opinion. Beautiful!
    Baoding balls?
    As a Caps fan, this should be a great series, though not so great as our last one.   
This fit is amazing. Any chance that Momotaro will come out with something similar for their products that are collabs with Japan Blue?
    No contention meant, just curiosity; what would you call an earthy aesthetic? To me it's mostly a color scheme of browns, greens, hazels, et al. I don't quite feel the earthy vibe from NYR's sumbision. Is it the simplistic top and denim?
So I bought these shoes about 2 years ago before I knew about SF and before I knew about how to clean them (I still dont, hence this post). They are suede shoes that I have personally never treated/cared for properly. On the left shoe towards the outside is a mark which came about from me getting a bit of dirt on them and then wetting a paper towel and rubbing vigorously over the spot. Apparently that was a mistake, as I've been walking around with that spot there for...
    Browsing with RES and opening all the images, you realized just how homogenous the sense of "style" is on that board.    Yeah I've been lurking for around 5 months, and I'm definitely starting to understand what I like in terms of style. Just curious as to whether or not starting with the higher end brands is a good idea.   Thanks for the help!
New Posts  All Forums: