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Do the 701's stretch much?
Wait, if I'm to size up on the 701's I would need a size 35. How come no one carries that? And by no one I mean my thoroughly exhaustive search of just BiG and BlueOwl showed that neither have a size 35
Ah, saw these but unfortunately the inseam is a bit short considering I'm 194 cm (6'4") and I need around a 35, more if I want to cuff/stack. Also the thigh is 12.25 but after shrinking might be a bit too tight for me. But the BiG site lists the 701's as having a bigger thigh. 
Yeah I'm gonna post them in the B&S in a day or so. 
My waist measures 34 and my thigh's aren't the biggest, I think I had issues with my N&F weird guys in the thighs because I got a size 30...   Can you link to these two jeans you speak of? Can't see them in the B&S
Thanks for the help! I really want to go to NY to try them on in person. For now I'll scour B&S and eBay because I don't know if I can justify spending 300 on a pair of jeans right now.
So the general consensus is that momo's don't stretch much post wash? In this case I should go TTS or size down 1?
I'd like to know as well...   EDIT: Didn't see that you had already responded, ignore my ignorance. 
Beautiful jacket, where did you get it?  
I would bet that a world class decathlete could beat whoever emerges from the competition. 
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