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Yeah I'm gonna post them in the B&S in a day or so. 
My waist measures 34 and my thigh's aren't the biggest, I think I had issues with my N&F weird guys in the thighs because I got a size 30...   Can you link to these two jeans you speak of? Can't see them in the B&S
Thanks for the help! I really want to go to NY to try them on in person. For now I'll scour B&S and eBay because I don't know if I can justify spending 300 on a pair of jeans right now.
So the general consensus is that momo's don't stretch much post wash? In this case I should go TTS or size down 1?
I'd like to know as well...   EDIT: Didn't see that you had already responded, ignore my ignorance. 
Beautiful jacket, where did you get it?  
I would bet that a world class decathlete could beat whoever emerges from the competition. 
Izach, LHS stands for Leisure Hand Sewn, these are the loafers (hence leisure) and are hand sewn.   PTB stands for Plain Toe Blucher. As I understand it a blucher is an oxford where the laces don't tie together tightly and therefor the tongue is visible. 
And if I'm not stuck on APC's? What alternatives would you recommend?
Is this 100% wool?
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