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I'm blown as can be; I ripped my Enfield Jacket just near the left front pocket. Here are some pictures:       I was wondering if it's reasonable to expect a tailor to be able to repair that, and if it can be repaired then how noticeable I should expect  a good job to be? I basically want to get it as close to invisible as possible post repair - is that a ridiculous expectation? Any input or advice on the feasibility of this would be much appreciated.
Anyone have more detailed pics of the walnut suede color?
@ManofKent what is the top you're wearing here? The longer one, not the vest?
I think that was me you're referring to NAMOR. Do you also have captoe color 8's with some creasing to show the difference?
Can't help you here but I'm moving to the Winston-Salem area soon and would travel to the triangle for anyone who can do this well. Hopefully someone can help us
I think I know the answer to this one, but it's better to check with expertise beforehand: Stylistically, are the color 8 wingtip boots generally more formal than the color 8 cap toe boots? How does the creasing of the cordovan vary between the two for anyone who can speak to that? I've been set for a while on the color 8 wingtip boots, but now I realize my general style is a little less formal than what I thought it'd be. I'm in jeans and trousers generally, and only...
Does anyone know where you can get a color 8 wingtip booth in the Plaza last? All I can find right now seems to be Barrie.
 What is the price for a short-sleeve BD with the fabric displayed on the title slide of this one? I think it's listed as D NO - 3034011 but I could be wrong.
@ManofKent I love how comfortable and natural you are in all your fits, be it your "heading to work" pics or your bolder, inspiring casual fits.
So here are my new pair of Luxire trial pants, was hoping for some educated input (@Despos) to tell me how I can best alter these to not be so restrictive.  [[SPOILER]]  I want about 1"-1 1/2" all around in the seat area - is that as simple as specifying each measurement with that extra room (e.g. hip + .75", front rise + 1.5", back rise +1.5" etc.) or does the sum of all those affect the fit more than just adding measurements would seem?Also I think I need to add at least...
New Posts  All Forums: