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For sale is a brand new without tags (wore to assess size and foolishly removed the tags) navy polo from Kent Wang in XXL. It's too boxy in the waist and not long enough for me, but the 30 days to return it have expired so I'm just hoping to recoup some losses from the purchase. I'd also be willing to trade for similar polos if you would like to contact me about that.
 Got pictures?
I'm looking for a new summer project, and I've thought about doing something like this for a while for a variety of reasons: I wanna try making my own shirt.   I've done little to no research on this thus far, and I don't even know where to start but that should just make it all the more fun. Has anyone done something like this before or have a better idea than me just how difficult what I'm proposing would be?   I think to keep it simple I'd just start with a...
Under $100 would be good, around $50 would be excellent
This may not be the right thread but I'm looking to get into and discover a few cologne's to use. I know literally nothing so I was wondering if people wouldn't mind steering me in a certain direction for a starter scent, something that's versatile and interesting enough to not get tired of while I try out a variety.
This will be the year I can finally show off my own pair of Alden's, but for now just subbing to the new thread
Looking for a FW14 Brown Homespun Bedford in size L, olive/navy Matt pant in size 34, or olive/navy Poplin pant in size 34.   PM me if you have the goods or can source them please
I'm blown as can be; I ripped my Enfield Jacket just near the left front pocket. Here are some pictures:       I was wondering if it's reasonable to expect a tailor to be able to repair that, and if it can be repaired then how noticeable I should expect  a good job to be? I basically want to get it as close to invisible as possible post repair - is that a ridiculous expectation? Any input or advice on the feasibility of this would be much appreciated.
Anyone have more detailed pics of the walnut suede color?
@ManofKent what is the top you're wearing here? The longer one, not the vest?
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