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 Well most sizes are already sold out. Doubt it will end up in the outlet.  You might be in luck, I am considering returning mine size 44 EU since I have already a jacket with similar shade.
I also purchased the dark green jacket. Receiving it on Friday. Selling like hot cakes, almost sold out in every size.
I concur, the wool of this entry priced coat is really thin, barely warm.
If anyone is interested by a proxy from Europe, don't hesitate to contact me via private message.    Prices in Europe are much cheaper compared to US even after taking into account shipping and proxy fees. Thanks !
 Livorno are also made in Portugal instead of China. 
I bought myself this beautiful wool jacket from SS Outlet size 44 EUR unfortunately to me  it fits more like a 42 EUR (32UK)     If anyone is interested, send me a MP for more information or else, it just goes back to SS for refund next week.      
I don't know about US, but here in Europe, outlet is already closed, one week after its opening last week. 
What I don't like about the Sienna is the adding of ticket pocket. For me it just ruins the symmetry of the jacket/suit.
I do :) 
I hope SS replenish the stores, certain sizes are already out of stock on so many items. 
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