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Hi ! Of course. no problem to add you. You can send me a mp.
Hi VAT is included in the price on European / French SS website.
But then how do you maintain the adjustment if you don't put the teeth into the cloth ?? I'm confused ^^
 I have no urge to dissect my shoes LM and LC, yet ! hahaha
 Thanks :) The norwegian stitching is really nice to watch. Yes, to me the LM leather is much nicer and smoother than the classic line. LM outsole is also quicker to break in. leather outsole in the classic line is a b*tch to break in !About the quality, I don't really know since as soon as I receive shoes, I go to the shoe guy to glue a gum sole, in order not to slip on the street :) I have only 2 pairs of LM vs 10 LC so for what's worth, I was never disappointed by LM...
didn't know these exist. Thanks for sharing.  Here are my 12 pairs of Meermin shoes. Soon 13 with a gold museum calf double monk scheduled for June 16. debating about getting the navy museum calf double monk also.....  fyi, I have black oxfords too but not from Meermin. I wish Meermin offer some grey calf shoes From top to bottom and left to right :  - shearling lined cap toe dark brown napa calf derby boots- mixed oak calf and grained dark brown calf derby boots- mixed...
 thanks guys, I will buy the burgundy regular belt then ^^
Has anyone bought a Meermin belt ?    How is the quality ?    Do you think the Naturcalf leather ones (65€) are worth the extra 20€ compared to regular calf leather (45€)  ?    Thx
Does anyone have a pic of Gold Museum calf shoe IRL ? I'm very much tempted but afraid it might be too bright 
I have always had my sole glued to Topy gum sole to lengthen the shoe's life and not to fall because leather is slippery.  + resole is kind of expensive. Can you show us a pic of your shoes' sole ? thx
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