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 Same thing for me ! I bought a suit from SS and it turns out it was already worn for a least a couple of days, due to crease on the knees and elbows.  Some people who are returning the items are really shallow, it is incredible. 
 Well most sizes are already sold out. Doubt it will end up in the outlet.  You might be in luck, I am considering returning mine size 44 EU since I have already a jacket with similar shade.
I also purchased the dark green jacket. Receiving it on Friday. Selling like hot cakes, almost sold out in every size.
I concur, the wool of this entry priced coat is really thin, barely warm.
If anyone is interested by a proxy from Europe, don't hesitate to contact me via private message.    Prices in Europe are much cheaper compared to US even after taking into account shipping and proxy fees. Thanks !
 Livorno are also made in Portugal instead of China. 
I bought myself this beautiful wool jacket from SS Outlet size 44 EUR unfortunately to me  it fits more like a 42 EUR (32UK)     If anyone is interested, send me a MP for more information or else, it just goes back to SS for refund next week.      
I don't know about US, but here in Europe, outlet is already closed, one week after its opening last week. 
What I don't like about the Sienna is the adding of ticket pocket. For me it just ruins the symmetry of the jacket/suit.
I do :) 
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