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No, nothing. I think SS took care of it beforehand.
 Not uncommon, it happened to me last sale, stuff came from Asia and I live in France.
EU Outlet is only available to customers residing in France, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium
on the regular store, click Earth icon choose France then English    Go here http://eu.suitsupply.com/fr/outlet   FIRSTACCESS
yes, some items might reappear or be added
Send me a PM for order details and shipping address
if someone need proxy from Europe, I am available.   Just PM me
Hi, yes I do. Pm me.
 Same thing for me ! I bought a suit from SS and it turns out it was already worn for a least a couple of days, due to crease on the knees and elbows.  Some people who are returning the items are really shallow, it is incredible. 
 Well most sizes are already sold out. Doubt it will end up in the outlet.  You might be in luck, I am considering returning mine size 44 EU since I have already a jacket with similar shade.
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