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 Same here in France. Well the tombstone boxes are a hassle to open and then throw away...
which Saphir conditioner ? Is it shoe eze ? 
That's quite bold pattern. 
alright, thanks. Where do you live ? Too me very warm is a great feature no ? 
  Love the color, it looks really soft, is it soft to the touch like cashmere ? ^^
I went to the SS store in Brussels but I was not really impressed by the quality of their bags. I much prefer my Bleu de Chauffe bags. Try them out since return is free.
 How many times have you worn them ? On mine, only after one wear, and you can see the leather wrinkle where the feet flex. Probably due to the leather being soft...
  Here are my boots, pics taken with iPhone 5, which is not as great as DSLR but I think the pics look decent.   fresh out of the box:  vs    version without lining, worn once without shoe tree    vs  Which glossy polish or wax Meermin has been using to obtain these results !?    
Two pairs got a R and two none. Don't remember if 4 of them were new or with defects though.  The shoes are really nice and you got them at 2/3 of their retail price. 
I have 2 suits from SuitSupply and on the inside label on the bottom I can read Livorno or Havana fit. So many infos.  
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