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Those balmoral cordovan shell boots are gorgeous ! But I just paid for the shearling lined boots and suede double monks.
 thanks for your input ! I will follow your advice :)
  Hi guys !    For sale a nice Brand New Tote bag Estime Paris. It has a clean and elegant look!   Price : $ 250  $ 180   It has never been used, coming with dustbag.   The exterior is made of Brown Lambskin Leather and Beige Twill Canvas (soft touch)   The lining is made of midnight Blue Satin (very soft).    There is a big pocket in the front.   Inside, there are two inbuilt pockets and two others for holding pens.   Magnetic closure.   Size :  15.5" H...
 Interesting razl, you did see what I have never thought of ! Maybe the buckles are there to shorten or lengthen the handles ?!? But then it is not like it can be expanded to be carried on shoulder. If you look at the other bags from the same brand on their website, buckles are always present. I need to investigate more before deciding to pull the trigger.   lol that was brutal ! I like Mismo bag especially the Soft Work Nylon Dark Blue but come on 475€ or $643 that's...
Hi guys,    I kind of have a bag crush on this Bleu de Chauffe in royal blue color. I like the originality, yet classic look. Should I pull the trigger ?  The material is waxed twill and vegetable tanned leather.         
@ Bounder :I am afraid Loathing is right, I tried to call but no response and no answering machine. Their website is down too. I wouldn't mind vintage suits though    @ darryl20 : in Paris, we have 2 Marks and Spencer and from what I saw and as Dib said, the M &S suits are ok but nothing exceptional for the price point but it is a big no no since their suits size starts from UK 38 ! As for Paul Smith, you are mainly paying for the brand/design right ? price wise, it...
Thanks Macallan for your input ! 
Hi guys,    I am from Paris and I will be soon in London for 3 days and in Oxford for 1 day.    I might purchase 2 suits, £200 to £300 a piece. But the main issue is I am fairly short 1,60m, so shopping for a suit is quite challenging    I was thinking about spending an afternoon in Bicester Village Outlet near Oxford & another in Westfield London, do you guys think it is worth a trip considering my suit size is UK 34 / 36 ?   Also I am quite a fan of...
I don't know if it is a medium box since the seller used its own box not the one sold by USPS.   By the way the box including the 256 weights 4 lbs 7.7 oz. I did a simulation for Australia it is $ 50.55.   If you want insurance, it is an additional $5.90.   Hope it helps.
Try this : http://ircalc.usps.com/   I got charged 48 bucks for shipping to France with USPS International Priority Mail.    
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