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ditto, to me the patterns of the first two are a bit bold.
Interesting question. It is worth asking a U.S. Customer support through the chat.I will take pictures on delivery so if there is an obvious flaw, I'll request an exchange.
I might purchase this antiquated Galway next month (it is also available in the regular store) don't want to spend to much in one shot !I know they look amazing. I didn't really pay attention to the welt, didn't know what it was, have learnt since. The burgundy Galway is available in flat welt whereas the antiquated oak is in storm welt. It is purely of aesthetics you want a flat welt ?
http://eu.suitsupply.com/fr/suits/livorno-gris-unicolore/P4296.html?vpid=P429602I've bought 3 items so far from Suit Supply : 2 Livorno suits + 1 printed trouser.   All were made in Portugal, that was a nice surprise.    Trousers with an original pattern http://eu.suitsupply.com/fr/trousers/pantalon-imprime-bleu/B338.html             Blue suit Livorno fit  http://eu.suitsupply.com/fr/suits/livorno-bleu-unicolore/P4291.html       Grey suit Livorno...
I sent an email about the GMTO boots to Meermin, got an answer the following day YMMV.    I was going back and forth between the Galway-like boots and the Balmoral boots both in burgundy grained and smooth calf leather.   I've just ordered the last pair of Balmoral boots closing the order of this model. I think the galway is really nice but a bit too casual if worn with a suit, don't you guys think so too ? The balmoral would be more versatile imo.    
Well that's marketing, brands set the price of their items depending on the countries taking into consideration purchasing power, retail demand, currency exchange protection, import fees etc  a Levi's 501 CT  jean in the US costs $ 70, in France the same jean would cost the equivalent of $90 excluding sales tax.  a KitchenAid robot can be found at $200 in the US, in France the retail price is $380 (excl tax), what a rip-off !  Consider yourself lucky as an American...
I just received a Livorno suit (new fit only available in Europe) and it was made in Portugal ! Moreover from the least expensive line (Blue line). I really don't know how they do it. I'll post pics later. 
 http://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/top-credit-cards/no-foreign-transaction-fee-credit-card/ All CapitalOne and Discover credit cards charge nothing.  However check your bank to be sure. 
My bad, I was talking about the Topman vest and Gumercindo probably about the Suit Supply.    The vest should cover the butt but should not get below it, it makes you look shorter.    If you like the Suit Supply suit, you can ask the shop tailor if this is reasonable to shorten the length of the vest by 1 or 1.5in without throwing off the proportion and the cost involved. 
Gumercindo,  I think he was talking about the sleeve length not the jacket length, which is like you said not an issue.  However to let an 1/2 inch of shirt sleeve to appear, Sulse might need to have the sleeves altered maybe an inch or a bit more. 
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