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What size waist in Walts are you? They look great on you. (O.T. is that the chambray baker jacket from this season of E.G.?)
Thanks, Mike - I appreciate you looking into it. I hear you about difficulty getting them on, and the half-hidden placket idea is great. Really looking forward to those! 
   The popover, especially O.C.B.D versions, are an absolute classic. They're a touch more casual and are, in my opinion, more flattering untucked than a shirt with a full-length placket, but great tucked too. A short-sleeve version is much nicer than a tee, polo, and a short-sleeve shirt in the summer, too...I think. They've been around since the early 20th century. 
I second some nice popover shirts! That being said, would changing to a half-placket/popover be a viable option for MTO? Also wondering about locker loops and rear collar buttons for button-downs. 
 Viberg currently only uses stitch-down construction, hence the double row of stitching
Yeah, the size will be listed in your order confirmation email. It should be titled "Order confirmation for order #xxxxx" (where x is the number)
Thanks for the update on MTO options in the G&L twill, Mike. When will the options be up?
Sorry if I missed this - Will the Galey and Lord twill be offered as an MTO option for Walts?
My MTO Rivet Chinos took two months from the day I ordered/payed. 
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