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I'm curious about the scalloped hem as well. Original BB shirts had them and the 19th Century Button Down by Engineered Garments features the same. 
I requested a single cuff pleat opposed to the usual two and it worked out great. 
Wow, sincerest apologies. I have two Styleforum threads open and I posted that on the wrong thread. My post has nothing to do with Luxire with whom I've had only good experiences. I'm sorry for the confusion cbfn and kulata. 
What size waist in Walts are you? They look great on you. (O.T. is that the chambray baker jacket from this season of E.G.?)
Thanks, Mike - I appreciate you looking into it. I hear you about difficulty getting them on, and the half-hidden placket idea is great. Really looking forward to those! 
   The popover, especially O.C.B.D versions, are an absolute classic. They're a touch more casual and are, in my opinion, more flattering untucked than a shirt with a full-length placket, but great tucked too. A short-sleeve version is much nicer than a tee, polo, and a short-sleeve shirt in the summer, too...I think. They've been around since the early 20th century. 
I second some nice popover shirts! That being said, would changing to a half-placket/popover be a viable option for MTO? Also wondering about locker loops and rear collar buttons for button-downs. 
 Viberg currently only uses stitch-down construction, hence the double row of stitching
Yeah, the size will be listed in your order confirmation email. It should be titled "Order confirmation for order #xxxxx" (where x is the number)
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