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I'm curious how thigh is measured for your trousers? The thigh measurements relative to other measurements of your trousers seem disproportionate - that is, really tight. Looking at the models, though, would suggest otherwise. For reference, I'm 6 feet, 160 lbs, and typically wear a size 31 waist - a proper fitting trouser for me would have a close to a 12 inch thigh.
Has been 10 days without a response for me. 
@luxire I'm wondering whether you have experience thus far in doing shawl collars on shirting, and if not, is it something you're confident in doing. Thanks!
I'm moving cross-country at the beginning of September, and living in Canada, can I expect an odd size chambray doyle to be delivered before then? 
Has anyone had experience with Luxire changing the distance between collar buttons on an OCBD? It might all be in my head, but Luxire's default collar button distance seems to give the collar a not-so-great roll while the collar is closed. Could this be due to 3 inch points? I plan on 3.5 inch points on my next order and wondering if anyone thinks that will fix it, or if anyone has specified moving the collar buttons ever-so-slightly closer together. It seems the distance...
I'm curious about the scalloped hem as well. Original BB shirts had them and the 19th Century Button Down by Engineered Garments features the same. 
I requested a single cuff pleat opposed to the usual two and it worked out great. 
Wow, sincerest apologies. I have two Styleforum threads open and I posted that on the wrong thread. My post has nothing to do with Luxire with whom I've had only good experiences. I'm sorry for the confusion cbfn and kulata. 
What size waist in Walts are you? They look great on you. (O.T. is that the chambray baker jacket from this season of E.G.?)
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