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I think he might have said 8UK. 
God damn that green looks good.
That was on sale about 6 months ago, but it was really limited and I haven't seen it on their site for a few months. 
It sounds like there's a collective hard-on forming for Loden makeups. Why not do multiple styles? Both the Greeley and jumper boots would look great, and I wouldn't be surprised if the double monks and another low shoe gained some interest in the next few weeks.   And James, is there any way to order some extra laces more than just one or two at a time? I'd gladly shell out a few extra bucks here and there just for some spare laces.
You missed my joke; I was suggesting that I was buying new boots instead of just buying laces  Anyway, I haven't yet bought any replacement laces; I have a few extra pairs sitting around, but I'd definitely be interested in picking up a few more if you found a source. I might be down for a chukka-height monk boot, but a model that high with three straps is a bit much for me.
I know what you mean. I've decided to tackle this issue by simply buying new boots (and their accompanying spare laces) faster than my old laces can break.
This happened with my ruby bal boots literally the first time I wore them; because I hadn't broken them in yet, I had to lace them up extra tight to close the lacing gap, and they fought back and ended up snapping while I was going down stairs.   Didn't your pair come with extra laces?
  I imagine that you can wear them almost anywhere you want, with very few exceptions. Nine times out of ten, it's less about your shoes and more about your attitude.
Leather, too. Check through the thread album and you should see a pair of purple shoes that were used to show the leather (which I think was called Grape, but that could be wrong).
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