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  I imagine that you can wear them almost anywhere you want, with very few exceptions. Nine times out of ten, it's less about your shoes and more about your attitude.
Leather, too. Check through the thread album and you should see a pair of purple shoes that were used to show the leather (which I think was called Grape, but that could be wrong).
Is it just me, or is that an oddly dark/brownish shade of Ruby?
Unipair Guy even PMd me when he put up the extra photos. I'm sweating in my boots over here. I need those shoes.
But if I thought of it like that, I'd miss out on even more MTOs... 
Damn, great looking boots, Ambulance. Are the Lama boots as red as the pictures make them out to be?
My problem with MTOs is that I think "pfft, $350 deposit? That's nothing," and end up with 2-3 orders out at the same time. Then it comes time to pay the remaining balance all at once, and it hurts.   And of course you keep buying shoes while your first MTOs are being made, so you never really get a break.
Just going off of shearling: I'd love a jumper boot with that lining. Maybe a grain leather for the outside? Dainite, storm welt?
Just FYI: Carmina doesn't allow modifying existing designs for its MTO sales. The Greeley boot was just invented a few months back, largely in conjunction with a design from Epaulet, but there's basically no chance that they'll let you chop off a few inches from the top, and change up the lacing mechanisms.
As if I needed another source for Carmina temptations, I've finally joined this thread. Unipair guy, keep up the damn good work. I'm still seriously considering that white/caramel monk for the summer.
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