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Nice job planning ahead 
Trying to get a head count here: How many of you guys are in for the balligator boot from Skoab? The six person minimum hasn't yet been met.
Where do we stand on the balligator MTO? How many of you guys are in on this? I think it's bad as hell and I'm itching to lock it down, but according to Skoab we don't yet have the 6 member minimum.
Simpson according to their sight. Had to check yesterday after seeing that same photo.
Is it normal for some shoes to slip on the heels when first being worn?   I typically take a 9.5UK in most Carmina lasts, which fits snug but not uncomfortable. The heel has never slipped. I recently tried a 10UK on a familiar last and found more room in the toebox (unsurprisingly), but also some heel slipping.   How much slipping is too much? Will this go away as the shoes break in? I can still return them for a few days, as I haven't worn them outside. They feel very...
I'm not actually interested in another boot; I was just pointing out that the alligator bal boot that's already up for a MTO is on Rain. And, like Leaves said, may be one of few if any other Rain bal boots.
  Man, if only there were a MTO open for this right now. We could even make the shaft in alligator... 
Looks like I'll be hanging around in here for a while! Thanks for the info.
Do we know anything about the alligator bal boot besides the tease pic? MTO, full, or limited run? Maybe like the crocolaide? I'm already way too excited.
Absolutely. My calf Carmina bal boots with a suede shaft lace up nice and tight, but my cordovan (lower and shaft) bal boots don't even nearly lace up all the way, and are far too tight on the toes. Live and learn, I suppose.
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