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Ha, how did that happen?! I have sunken metal taps in most of my shoes, and I've never slipped because of them (and I always step toe first off curbs and down stairs). Are those from the web shop? If so, I've been eyeing them ever since I knew Carmina sold shoes online. Give them a few good layers of wax; that's what I did with my first calf boots from Carmina, and the leather looked MUCH nicer and more supple with a good shine.
Pretty sure Carmina's web shop still has a snuff suede bal boot with a York sole. 
I haven't seen this thread in a while, so here are the two pairs I just picked up from the Dents sale. Unlined peccary, and cashmere lined peccary with a buttoned wrist, both in cork. This is the first time I've felt peccary, and I must say I wasn't expecting it to feel so creamy and smooth, while still seeming quite tough. I'm as happy with them as anyone could be when receiving gloves during 85*F weather, and am excited to wear them in a few months.   One more...
Keep the updates rolling on that Loden boot. I can't say for sure if I can commit right now, considering how broke I am, but I might be able to figure something out.
I'd be down if it were a captoe or even just a brogued toe with no cap. The colors are great, but I just can't get myself to like that design.
  Forest on the left (standard width), Oscar on the right. Oscar seems more generous around the toebox and the ball of the foot.
Those boots are ruby. They might not look like it indoors, but they're way brighter than those wholecuts.
Come at me, Gerry.  
For that MTO, I definitely prefer the darker color. My pair doesn't have that depth/shine that the photo you used had (although that could be due to inexperience with shining cordovan), but I already had a pair of open-laced boots in a walnut brown when I picked up those jumpers; I wanted something darker.   I actually really like the saddle color, but, like dddrees said, I just wouldn't want that kind of surprise on a $700 purchase, whether or not the other color is nice.
That cognac/dark cognac bit has been mentioned before, but there's been no concrete confirmation on it as far as I know. Furthermore, we only heard that after the MTO was all wrapped up; at best it seemed like Carmina trying to explain why a bunch of boots came out looking like they were made from Saddle shell. The photo you offered is the same one we used as a basis for the first MTO, and I honestly don't know how someone could say that it's the lighter shade of...
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