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Excellent! In that case count me in if it's a leather sole. Where does everyone else stand on sole choices?
I've told Steve that I'm in on this if it's on a leather sole. P.S. Vegano Brown Calf is what's pictured, right? 
It's been a long time since we buddied up on shoes, but just moments ago I put on my new Snuff chukkas. We're back!
Hey Steve, what's the final decision on the brown Rain lasted Chelsea's sole? I'm interested, but only if it's leather.
 Because nobody crossposted it here  Thanks for the heads up!
Is anyone currently stocking suede Chelseas? I keep hearing about how they're a staple item, but I can't find them from Carmina (direct), Epaulet, GF, Quality Shop, Armoury, or Leatherfoot. I know Unipair has at least one style, but I'm really not a fan of the rubber sole.
Honeymoon? You can always get married again, but I need those boots in my life ASAP. Doesn't look like the MTO is getting too much interest.
Nice job planning ahead 
Trying to get a head count here: How many of you guys are in for the balligator boot from Skoab? The six person minimum hasn't yet been met.
Where do we stand on the balligator MTO? How many of you guys are in on this? I think it's bad as hell and I'm itching to lock it down, but according to Skoab we don't yet have the 6 member minimum.
New Posts  All Forums: