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Pre-order for dark brown suede: Also MTO in scotch grain in the GF thread, as mentioned above.
Agreed. I picked up some EG Galways a few months ago (my first purchase beyond the Carmina price range) and was disappointed to find that the suede was not only not better, but actually somewhat unimpressive compared to Carmina's. I've been spoiled!
^ Damn I really like that cross lacing on the boot. I might have to try that with some of my bal boots.
 Excited to see what this looks like!
Hey Steve, any update on those vegano calf chelseas? Should we be getting invoices soon?
My only scotch grain boots seem to be only as durable as standard calfskin, with the only difference being the surface texture/appearance. I've never owned CXL, but if it's tougher than normal calf, it'll almost certainly be tougher than scotch grain.
Your call. I've had a loose stitch or two, and I've just snipped them off and never worried about them again. Never had any problems later on.
This is just an educated guess, but we're probably looking at late December for everything ordered now. Possibly a bit later given that the Carmina factory shuts down for a while around this time of year.
Shipping companies seem to have a fairly inefficient system for dealing with "delayed" (lost) packages. UPS recently lost a Bloomingdale's package of mine, but simply kept postponing the planned delivery date; it was only after a few phone calls and emails to both UPS and Bloomingdale's that anyone on their end even realized something was lost.
The dark brown suede MTO closed on Sunday, but if you PM Steve you may be able to get in on it. Check the earlier post for details on the boot.
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