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One of the perks of being a young guy: Most of my shoes are "F U" shoes, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Very nice. Do you guys have any experience shining museum calf? Does it take well to a nice waxing, or does the color variation make the shine look weird at all? My problem with Dainite isn't the profile (I actually have a pair of Carmina jumper boots on Dainite which are surprisingly sleek), but just the feel of it when I'm walking. I have no need for it with fairly mild Virginia weather and overshoes for particularly rainy days, and I much prefer the clicking and tapping...
I'm interested in the leather sole option (counted myself out of the Dainite GMTO for sure), but I'm not sure how I feel about museum calf. I know this is a mockup, but do you know of any photos of Carmina's museum calf that we could reference?
What I've most commonly heard is: Full brogue referring to a wingtip with medallion/general punching.Half brogue referring to a cap toe with medallion.Quarter brogue referring to a punched cap toe without a medallion. But I've also heard a lot of dispute over the differences in what defines a "half" or "quarter" brogue, and the arguments on either side are usually rather pedantic. This was just restocked about a month ago, so it's going to take a while for it to crop up...
While setting up a recent personal MTO with skoak for a rain-lasted bal boot, they told me exactly that: A rain bal boot will have more room on the instep.
What's a HAF sole? Everything else sounds fantastic, including the other color combinations. I'm definitely interested.
Navy calf with a black alligator strap sounds gorgeous. Depending on last and sole choices, I could very well be in on this. I'll keep lurking for details!
My pair is definitely the softest calf I've ever felt. Can't wait to break mine out in a few weeks!
From what I understand, the whole "cedar helps suck the moisture out" is kind of BS, and the overwhelmingly more important function of the trees is to simply maintain the shape of the shoes as they air dry on their own. With that in mind, the finish is of no consequence. 
My thoughts exactly. I shamelessly pull on my bright orange SWIMs when the weather gets really nasty; I used to think of galoshes as a resignation that your feet won't look good, but quite a few people have complimented my overshoes, if not for the form then for the function.
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