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Shipping companies seem to have a fairly inefficient system for dealing with "delayed" (lost) packages. UPS recently lost a Bloomingdale's package of mine, but simply kept postponing the planned delivery date; it was only after a few phone calls and emails to both UPS and Bloomingdale's that anyone on their end even realized something was lost.
The dark brown suede MTO closed on Sunday, but if you PM Steve you may be able to get in on it. Check the earlier post for details on the boot.
^ It's because it's boot season right around the corner. Even if we place orders now, we'll still miss out on all of Autumn for the new boots.
Steve saving the day for everyone! Did two people from the original list flake out? I counted six, and I make seven.
Uh oh 
Excellent! In that case count me in if it's a leather sole. Where does everyone else stand on sole choices?
I've told Steve that I'm in on this if it's on a leather sole. P.S. Vegano Brown Calf is what's pictured, right? 
It's been a long time since we buddied up on shoes, but just moments ago I put on my new Snuff chukkas. We're back!
Hey Steve, what's the final decision on the brown Rain lasted Chelsea's sole? I'm interested, but only if it's leather.
 Because nobody crossposted it here  Thanks for the heads up!
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