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I'm also waiting on the pebble grain upper boots, but Leaves just said in the Carmina porn thread that the pebble grain is out of stock at the moment, and he's hoping for (but can't guarantee) a restock in mid January.
Fingers crossed. Thanks for the updates!
  That means a few more months of waiting. Damn!
Damn right! And yes, ThinkDerm, that's the pair. I want need those boots.
Yes! It's time for those calf/grain bal boots to be on my feet.
^ Lizard is apparently priced between calf and shell, in case you're interested.
Yes, please! My initial thought was "Wow, that's gonna be a gaudy pair of shoes," and now I'm ready to order a pair. Show us those photos, lads!
^ Nope, no invoice for me. Don't worry; Mike is bound to be as prompt as possible on these.
^ For those of us without instagram, here's the photo:   Can't wait for the more "professional" shots.
Sigh. Me, too. Mike never fails to surprise (and impress). Can't wait for those Ruby brogues.   As for the austerity boot, it'll be a tough call between Cognac and Ruby for the shell option. Black calf for the all-calf option sounds lovely, and I think a calf/Scotchgrain would be quite nice for a combo; we've had a few calf/suede makeups already, and (just my opinion) I don't like the idea of calf/shell mixes.
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