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Holy hell. Looks like I'll be sticking with calfskin for a while.
^ I'm also really new to the idea of nicer gloves, but it seems like having driving gloves would be nifty, but an unlined pair like that would be regrettable after the novelty wore off and the cold started sinking in.
Awesome! I'm hoping for a rabbit-lined pair next, and I was a bit worried about the fur getting gross. How does the stitching feel? I've noticed that some gloves have more spread-out stitches than others (like the ones sold at exquisitetrimmings that were posted a few posts back that had quite close stitches).
^ How does the rabbit lining feel? Do your hands sweat when wearing them?   Oh, and where did you pick those up?
^ Thank heaven that RRL is personal for them. I would hate to have to stock up on selvedge officer chinos after just being introduced to them this season.
I have this, and it's quite nice. Solid slim fit, and not too shabbily priced ($325 retail, just under $200 at the moment due to RL's current sale).
After getting some chilly weather on campus and finding this thread a few days ago, I've just pulled the trigger on a pair of cashmere-lined Dents. Not heritage line, as I want to start with an inseam-stitched pair, and I picked up two sizes (with intent to return the worse-fitting one).   Once I know my Dents size, I can set my sights on that fur-lined heritage pair...
^ Those (burgundy shell?) single monks are beautiful.
That's what I presumed. Let me know how much the shell will cost, once you find out!
I'm in college, and have never been into anything sold by Rugby. It all seemed showy and tacky compared to PRL and RRL.
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