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Pretty sure the vegano brown and suede (snuff? I should probably know since I ordered a pair...) Chelseas are due for December.
Pretty sure those are reading/prescription glasses  As for the whole sockless hate, I tend to agree, and think that the word we're all looking for to describe the look is contrived. 
Size up and they'll always be a bit loose. Size down and they'll gradually stretch and end up feeling snug, if not ideal.
Skoak is a great vendor (with their own affiliate thread). Fantastic customer service and it's quite rare to pay customs for their packages, even though they do everything 100% legit. One of the more competitively priced retailers for sure.
From a recent MTO discussion with Skoak, the list they gave me was: Dark brownSand/noixSnuffTobaccoLodenNavyBlack
I have a handful of outstanding GMTOs (and a single MTO) of my own, but as I told Steve, I get the feeling that if I didn't hop on the U boots I would hate myself upon their release.
Just confirmed with Steve that I'm in for the leather soled U wing boot, so I think we now make 5!
One of the perks of being a young guy: Most of my shoes are "F U" shoes, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Very nice. Do you guys have any experience shining museum calf? Does it take well to a nice waxing, or does the color variation make the shine look weird at all? My problem with Dainite isn't the profile (I actually have a pair of Carmina jumper boots on Dainite which are surprisingly sleek), but just the feel of it when I'm walking. I have no need for it with fairly mild Virginia weather and overshoes for particularly rainy days, and I much prefer the clicking and tapping...
I'm interested in the leather sole option (counted myself out of the Dainite GMTO for sure), but I'm not sure how I feel about museum calf. I know this is a mockup, but do you know of any photos of Carmina's museum calf that we could reference?
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