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^ See Mike's post here for what he says is a fairly true shot of Ruby: http://www.styleforum.net/t/277505/epaulet-x-carmina-mto/1200_100#post_5714587 (It's the loafer)
Not at all my cup of tea.
Time to bring up some old debts with a few folks.
  Whew, okay. I admit that I'm still lusting after Ruby, but I doubt I'd be able to get the money on hand for another shell boot right now. My vote goes to checking for interest on a captoe rerun for now. Pricing would probably be around $895 (Edit: Just went back and saw that the last shell boots were $950), which (I think) is what the last shell bal boot went for. If it's offered in wide, it'll be Forest last. No mention of choice in sole yet (as that's a photoshop...
So far, the only way I can forget that I bought something is when I buy a lot of similar items (e.g., sweaters) at once. Believe me, I wish I could buy enough bal boots to forget about a pair or two.
There won't be any actual photos, as the boots don't exist yet.     As for the Ruby boots, is there any way to wait, and have this as a color choice for the Austerity bal? I'd love to have the Ruby go to something really rare/unique. ... that sounds good, but now I have to scrape together the money. ... I don't know what I want. I don't like shell + wingtip, but I've still been thinking about the Austerity bal in Ruby all week. Damn it.
Ah, that I can understand. I'll have my first Carmina boots coming in from Epaulet hopefully within a week, and god knows that the last three months of waiting have been hell.
^ Uh, not really.   That boot: -Bal boot -Calfskin -Full grain upper -Robert last   Our boot: -Blucher boot -Shell -All one color -Oscar last
For easier viewing:             Beautiful boots, pats. I (along with a few others) am disappointed about missing out on the first stock of those, so you'd better enjoy the hell out of them.
Check your emails, lads; the Oscar boot invoices just got sent out.
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