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Skoaktiebolaget recently had a MTO boot order that was wonderfully priced, so keep an eye out for any more of their stuff (username Leaves on this forum).   If not, then your choices are pay extra through Epaulet, or don't get Carminas at all. Up to you.
Get in on a MTO. Epaulet has them running fairly often, so check out the Epaulet x Carmina thread.   Also, email her and ask what the stores have in stock in a 12UK; the web shop listing is far from complete, from what I hear.
And we're in business! These Dents actually came in last week (glorious Royal Mail shipping times), but had to be rerouted to my campus. The right-hand glove shots are with a size 8.5, and the left-hand gloves are with a size 8. There's definitely less stretching on the palm of the 8.5, but the fingers are a bit too long. With that in mind, and considering that everyone here has agreed that the leather itself will stretch after a while, I'm sticking with the size...
Okay, so just regular pockets that have slanted openings, as opposed to ones being parallel to the ground. Thanks!
Wait...so what the hell am I supposed to wear in the rain? I have shell boots on the way, and thought that they would be ideal for wet weather.
So, rugged-looking leather, rugged sole, and...suede? Sounds silly.
^ Excuse my naivete, but what are hacking pockets? I've googled, them, and from what I can see, they're just slit pockets with flaps on them; is that what you're talking about? If those are special, what's the norm on sport coats?
That looks like the brown/orange lined pair for sale by Exquisite Trimmings: http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/
His legs are leaning forward, which should account for a lot of that. Or maybe he's just scrawny 
Looks good. I have it in Navy (but was debating Olive) and love it. Trim fit, and the pockets are quite nice, just like you said.
New Posts  All Forums: