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^ All right, I don't know what the differences in cream and polish are, so I'm going to peruse the Shoe Care thread before badgering you lads with already-answered questions.   But I'll keep that comment about the neutral in mind, Gdot. Thanks.
Not arguing, but inquiring: What to do when Saphir doesn't have an appropriate color of wax? I have one (soon to be two) pairs of Ruby shell shoes, and unsurprisingly haven't found a corresponding Saphir cream.
This is really similar to a question I've had for the past few weeks: When do you wear unlined gloves? Besides driving gloves, I can't think of an appropriate time to wear unlined gloves; either it's cold enough to warrant lined gloves, or it's not cold enough for gloves at all.  
I finally got my first pair of bal boots back from the cobbler (photos to follow), and have two questions for you lads:   For those of you with speed hooks, how do you lace them? In "x" shapes? I ask because my eyelets are bar laced, and I'm not sure what the norm is for the lacing once you reach the hooks.   Do any of you use boot trees? This pair of mine has suede uppers, and I could definitely see them wilting a bit after being broken in. Within reason, cost...
Weird about the squeaking. I've had no such issues, but have so far only worn my double monks, one pair of which is suede. But now that my bal boots got toe taps, I can wear them, and maybe hear the squeaking (but I hope not)!
The leather itself? Calf or shell?
HNGGG that would be a crazy combo. I'm wearing my Ruby oxfords right now, and will probably commit to a Ruby Austerity bal boot if it gets made, but I would still love the jumper boots in Ruby. So far everything made of this color has been fairly formal, including the new ankle boots, but using it for jumpers would look incredible.   But about the Austerity bal boots: We should start discussing the materials/colors we would like to use. Mike previously stated that we...
When a final model for the shoe is decided, the Epaulet staff will list the order deposit on the Epaulet site (under "Preorder Items" or something similar), and you can check out with the deposit as an "item" in your cart.
At least within a college environment, I can vouch for this. I'm really hoping that the girls will grow out of it as they mature, but at my age the preferred relationship seems to consist of a mentality akin to "Oh he's kind of a mess, but I like to keep him around." As soon as these girls deal with someone who actually cares and knows about clothing, and commits money to it, the "power" that they observe in the relationship shifts away from them. No longer is the guy...
1. What is a "waterfall sleeve"? 2. To what do "open channel" and "heel nail" refer in the context of shoes?
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