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Egad, someone with experience in Oscar and other Carmina lasts! How is the sizing compared to your other Carminas? I'm a US 10, but comfortably wear a UK9 on Inca, and I'm still a wee bit worried about sizing on that Oscar last MTO boot.
Hey Mike, assuming that you can get the Ruby together, do you think we could shoot for that Ruby Austerity bal boot in the near future? I love that idea, and would hate for it to fall through the cracks of this thread.
^ Nope, $400 isn't an issue; it's $400 for J. Crew that I don't like. If I can find something in the proper length with good materials/construction from a reputable brand, I'll gladly pay three or four times that much if need be.
^Ooh, not bad. I wouldn't want to pay $400 for it, but that would be a steal at $100. Hell, it's hard to find decent beater coats for prices like that.   Do you remember exactly when you bought it? And was it online or in store?
Sweet! Be sure to post pics!
Ooh! I wonder what kind of lining we're looking at now. I would suggest ideas, but I'm overwhelmed by the number of color choices. 
I'm a bit over six feet tall, but I'd definitely prefer something on the shorter side of thigh-length.   I'll check out Zegna. As for the timing, it could either be now or next Spring/Summer if a good coat can't be found (or is just too expensive in-season). Now would be ideal, but it's not the end of the world to go through another winter without such a coat.
^ Anything like that but shorter, and in camel? The Howard that's coming up on the RL site is knee length and only in black/charcoal.
I've been trying and failing to find a camel colored, mid-thigh length coat for the upcoming colder seasons. Any advice as to where I should be looking (and how much I should expect to spend)? Also, any advice on fabric choice would be much appreciated.   Something like these is what I have in mind:      
New Posts  All Forums: