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^ The Austerity looks amazing! Snuff sounds like fun, but does anyone know what Carmina's burnished tan calf looks like?   Also, leather soles all the way; let the snowy weather guys buy overshoes or something 
I know about Carmina's Cognac in general, but was wondering about that specific batch. For example, these are Cognac bal boots from Skoaktiebolaget, and they're far too light for my liking.  
^ Lovely! Any chance you could try to get a photo that shows the true color? I'm seriously considering picking these up if they're a good shade of Cognac.
Mike previously stated that the Austerity boot will be rolled out with at least two (maybe three; I don't remember) different styles, hence the lists we're all making. Ruby was one of the earliest ideas, and I think that's as close to locked down as any of the styles are, but Mike is definitely planning some other colors/materials.   Edit: Also, what's a dover sole?
I'm still hoping that someone who ordered these (it might have been you, but I'm not sure) will update with photos. The preview pic from Betty gave the Cognac shell too light of a color for my liking, and I'm wondering if it was just the photo, or a light batch of the shell. I have bal boots on Forest, and two monks on Inca, and a 9UK fits me perfectly on both lasts. No experience with Robert until that Skoaktiebolaget MTO comes through.
The monks and the captoe look like lizard, and those tassels are definitely green. Might want to get your eyes checked, bud 
Ooh, I hadn't considered a full suede option for the Austerity boot. I might not be in for it, seeing as I'll pick up at least one of the calf/shell options, but it would surely be a beautiful boot.   For anyone who doesn't have experience with Carmina's suede, it's divine. When taking my Snuff monks to a local shoe store/cobbler for taps, he commented on how beautiful the suede was, and it's aged well so far.
I love that this comment reads like "Mumble mumble, here's just enough information to make this a decent reply, and wham now I can share more photos of my juicy new shoes."   CanGren, those look lovely.
The Python rerun is really tempting, but I think I'll end up sitting this one out so that I can pick up some subtler low shoes first.   Speaking of which, are we doing a Snuff Austerity brogue again? Also, what's the story on the calf/suede and Scotchgrain reruns?
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