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Hngggg! Chung, those look incredible! Where did you pick them up?   Edit: And I love how sleek those Carminas look compared to the other shoes. Wonderful!
^ I think a darker brown would "fit in" a bit better, but whether or not that's a good thing is up to you. I just popped into my local Mulberry store over the weekend, and their Oak color (I think that's what it was; it's the lighter brown that they sell) was gorgeous, and I would definitely choose it over their darker brown.
Suede on a bad weather boot? I don't think so, Tim.   Anyway, I'm excited to see that Ruby brogue for the first time. The Austerity bal boot looks pretty killer, and I'll almost definitely pick one up if we do a run in Ruby as mentioned earlier.
Ooh, okay. Thanks!
Purple lining* as Carmina was apparently out of green.   Also, what's the difference between a storm welt and a flat welt? I feel silly for not knowing this, since I'm in on that MTO.
That would be lovely! Nope, was on Forest.
^ Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Well, there are a few pairs of mid-length bal boots floating around.   Ranger: Those look awesome! 
That's a completely different boot    Anyway, Skoaktiebolaget already has a cognac captoe bal boot on a (possibly single) leather sole. They were still in stock when I last checked a few weeks ago.
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