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It's quite simple: While one bad experience might turn you off from a brand for good, none (or at least most) of us have had to deal with anything even remotely as bad. So to us, Carmina is still something that provides great products at an arguably unbeatable price point.   Not to mention that it's in my opinion that AE has a lackluster finish in comparison with the few pairs of Carminas I've handled.
Cool cool, thanks!
Agreed. I don't understand how anyone can say they're trying to compete with EG/G&G, and that price isn't an issue; it absolutely is an issue, and is in fact the single most important issue.   It's simple: Pay more, get more. Carminas can be had for less than half of the cost of the aforementioned brands, and it seems silly to expect the same product for a far lower price.   With that being said, what happened to Moo sounds pretty messed up, and we can only hope it was a...
^ Ah, thanks! How do you get PRL for $35 each? Retail is like $150, and I can't imagine sales being that drastic.
Having a reputation definitely helps. If you've built up some craziness over time, it's easier to "get away with" new things, because your colleagues know what to expect.
What do you mean by "boxers class"?
Yup, I think the original quote is "A man should look as if he dressed himself carefully, and then forgot all about it." If you're being finicky in your outfit, however nice it is, others will notice your discomfort.   As for the negative comments, I rarely even justify them with a verbal response. It's quite clear to my friends and peers that I spend more money on, and know/care more about, clothing and the like. Every time I wear something that they don't understand,...
The criticism is probably due to the fact that I'm in college, so my friends are mostly goofball 20ish year old kids who are scared to wear anything besides jeans.   As for conquering something a bit more wild, just rock it. How many men do you know who would even consider buying a pair of shoes like that? Hell, how many men do you know who are even aware that such shoes can be made? Just being an active member of a site like SF has put you ahead of the game, so own it...
My calf/suede through Epaulet have been at my cobbler for over a month, because he ran out of toe taps    And that wouldn't have posed a problem for the Dainite-soled scotchgrain pair from Epaulet...if there hadn't been a mixup that resulted in my pair not getting made    I've paid for four pairs of boots (and a pair of oxfords) since July, and still haven't seen a single pair of them, as I wasn't even the one to drop off my calf/suede pair at the cobbler. All I saw was...
Great, thank you!
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