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Loving this. I saw it on the Chester Mox site after reading the beginning of this thread, and am seriously considering buying it.   Serious question: How do retailers/manufacturers justify such high prices for these? Maybe I'm misunderstanding the cost of the shell itself, but it seems silly for a wallet to cost $400+, when Horween-sourced cordovan shoes can be had for ~$600 when buying directly from Carmina.   Edit: Also, I've only recently considered a key case/wallet,...
MC users have a painful tendency to wear dad jeans with even the most beautiful shoes.
 You are new to this thread!
^ Lovely! I can't wait to finish finals, so I can go home and try on my pair.
Oh wow, those look incredible.
Backing out? 
I'm also waiting on the pebble grain upper boots, but Leaves just said in the Carmina porn thread that the pebble grain is out of stock at the moment, and he's hoping for (but can't guarantee) a restock in mid January.
Fingers crossed. Thanks for the updates!
  That means a few more months of waiting. Damn!
Damn right! And yes, ThinkDerm, that's the pair. I want need those boots.
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