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The new camel grain (or whatever it is) and the ongoing Cognac blucher boot, right? Or have I missed out?
The burnished tan looks great, but from that list I think I'll only be interested in the black on black and the full snuff. The tan is a maybe for me. Are we holding off on the Ruby until the Fall, then?
Forest sounds most reasonable, considering folks want wides. I still have a huge hardon for leather soles, but this seems like a sufficiently rugged/casual boot that really any sole would work. I only have one pair of US shoes (AE Daltons), and that's exactly how I sized down for Forest. Equally comfortable for both pairs.
I can't comment on Forest beyond saying that my Forest-last boots fit very nicely. I'm only out of the game if you lot decide on Rain or Simpson.
    Sunken metal taps all around. My one pair of AEs has them as well, and the Ruby captoes are having them done right now.  
I think the calf bal boots have been $695, and shell were either $895 or $925. Austerity should be similarly, if not identically, priced.
A tentative yes from me, too, depending on the last and the sole. And I agree on preferring the lighter leather.
If Gent and I are discussing the same thing, it's the Cognac jumper boot, Oscar last, Dainite sole, purple lining, from Skoaktiebolaget, all organized in the Carmina porn thread. (Spoiler because it's not a bal boot)       [[SPOILER]]   Should be finishing up within a month or so.
That actually sounds pretty damn good. Would be an incredibly sleek boot, especially if we went with Dainite instead of York.
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