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Not quite. It looks to be the same height as a standard wingtip ankle boot (look for the one in burgundy? shell on Epaulet's site to get a feel for it).
Yeah, it's not a big deal (especially since I don't even have the cash on hand...). Just something mixed up at the factory. Now they should arrive just before my spring break!   Edit: Now that I mention that, do you guys know how fast Skoaktiebolaget's shipping/handling is?
^ Actually, the thumbnail is showing up in the thread gallery. Are those the ones from Exquisite Trimmings? Love that purple lining.
Just got an email that mine are among a few pairs that will be delayed three weeks 
Why bother? Those boots only have one eyelet more than the bal boots, which have 6 eyelets and 4 speedhooks on each side.
Lower leg slimmed down at all? If not, I'll have to hop over to BB once I come home.
Namor, where are those trousers from? That leg opening looks ideal.
I'd want at least one pair with tassels. You guys got me all excited; you can't just leave me hanging!
I dig almost everything Mike comes up with. Lama boot, Austerity boots, Austerity brogues (maybe even more than one color, depending on the suede Mike finds), purple suede boots, and I'd love a pair (or three...) of nice tassel loafers.   My wallet is hurting ;_;
New Posts  All Forums: