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Ah, okay. I actually don't have any black coats (pretty new to the whole SF style of dress), but those orange-accented gloves looked pretty nice. I think I'll be shooting for peccary next, now that I have a pair of basic Dent's on which I can get by.
Nice! What are you wearing them with? I can't imagine a coat in anything but black and charcoal that would look good when coupled with the black and those purple accents.
Not quite. It looks to be the same height as a standard wingtip ankle boot (look for the one in burgundy? shell on Epaulet's site to get a feel for it).
Yeah, it's not a big deal (especially since I don't even have the cash on hand...). Just something mixed up at the factory. Now they should arrive just before my spring break!   Edit: Now that I mention that, do you guys know how fast Skoaktiebolaget's shipping/handling is?
^ Actually, the thumbnail is showing up in the thread gallery. Are those the ones from Exquisite Trimmings? Love that purple lining.
Just got an email that mine are among a few pairs that will be delayed three weeks 
Why bother? Those boots only have one eyelet more than the bal boots, which have 6 eyelets and 4 speedhooks on each side.
Lower leg slimmed down at all? If not, I'll have to hop over to BB once I come home.
Namor, where are those trousers from? That leg opening looks ideal.
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