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I love that this comment reads like "Mumble mumble, here's just enough information to make this a decent reply, and wham now I can share more photos of my juicy new shoes."   CanGren, those look lovely.
The Python rerun is really tempting, but I think I'll end up sitting this one out so that I can pick up some subtler low shoes first.   Speaking of which, are we doing a Snuff Austerity brogue again? Also, what's the story on the calf/suede and Scotchgrain reruns?
What's the difference between pebblegrain and scotchgrain?
The more, the merrier, eh? Seeing as cashmere-lined Dents run about $400 for the peccary pairs, I'd be counting my lucky stars if I were you, especially since the construction looks really solid.
Aye, the color lacks that lovely Cognac depth, but it could just be due to the flash/washed out photo. Bryant, did you email her to order them?
^ Lovely. Leather sole? Any chance of more photos?
Nice, probably got them at a damn good price, too. Good find!
Well, yeah, but who's the maker? I've never seen peccary in that color.
^ Details?
Hey guys would some of you who own slim Walts and/or rivet chinos mind sharing some photos of how your butts look in the pants? I've just begun my transition to trousers, and currently only have two pairs of Boss trousers that, while overpriced, wonderfully show off my squatting ass 
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