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Thanks, this worked just like you said! After comparing the VAT/no VAT prices, it looks like Carmina takes ~15.3% off of its "list" prices for non-EU customers to account for VAT.
Thanks! I'll send them an email today, and I'll report back if there are other discounts to behad. Yay, maths!
Hngg time to pounce. How do I contact the Barcelona shop, and is there a VAT exclusion to consider?
^ Plasma, here are a few points that will help answer some questions of yours.   -We buy from other retailers because they receive products from Carmina that Carmina doesn't sell directly. -"MTO" is indeed "made to order," and a MTO request can be made by emailing Carmina directly and discussing with them what you want to have done. -Finally, Carmina's e-store has a fairly limited stock, compared to what they actually make. If you see something that's not for...
Why do you say that?
You're not alone; I think that would make a damn good dress boot. That'll be a serious contender for my Austerity purchase(s).
^ The male equivalent of these:       [[SPOILER]] (And that's a damn good thing, in my opinion)
Nope, Sky Valet in DC.
Any more photos of this model?
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