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Still holding firm on the captoe.
May?! No way, mate. I'd be surprised if we didn't get them within the next six weeks.   Edit: I meant the bal boots, not the shoe re-run. My bad!
Don't you play games with my ankle boot plans, man.
^ Croc accents?
^ Wasn't botched; was just a lighter shade of shell than lots of us had been expecting, but we knew that was a possibility when we ordered.
JODHPUR PLS   That is, if that's similar to the G&G hatch grain I've seen. Got pics of the leather?
It seems like a lot of us are a bit annoyed with the color of the MTO boot, but keep in mind (like Leaves said) that shell is all over the place. I definitely knew beforehand that Cognac could take on lots of different shades, and because I want a darker one, I'll probably be applying some sort of darker (black, maybe?) waxes.
^ Those para boots are definitely lighter than I had expected/hoped, but I'll withhold actual judgment until I put them on my feet.   And nothing that some wax can't fix, eh?
Ah, okay. I actually don't have any black coats (pretty new to the whole SF style of dress), but those orange-accented gloves looked pretty nice. I think I'll be shooting for peccary next, now that I have a pair of basic Dent's on which I can get by.
Nice! What are you wearing them with? I can't imagine a coat in anything but black and charcoal that would look good when coupled with the black and those purple accents.
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