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Purple sounds wild. Like this, maybe?          
^ In case you guys missed it, here's a double that I posted a few days ago:       [[SPOILER]]     And a Carmina single from the Carmina porn thread:    
Still voting for white/brown spectator monk.
I told you guys a white/brown spectator monk would be awesome!
Aaaw yeah! Now it's time to decide between burnished tan, snuff, black calf, and burgundy shell...or just buy all of them? If only.   Also, Mike, I'd probably be down for a python belt, although I still don't really know how dress belt sizing works: If I order a 34 when I'm a true 32, will that just leave me with more holes sticking out than necessary? Would it still be wearable?
From what (very little) I understand about business environments, the big no-nos are wearing things which are usually only worn by higher ranked employees, e.g., double breasted suit jackets, or a 3 piece.   I foolishly miss out the first time, then the restock is delayed by two months. Classic.
Correct, with the "local magic" apparently having been applied by the folks at The Armoury.
The ankle boot in lama is having its details ironed out via PM right now, assuming that Carmina still has the leather on hand.
Ah, that makes sense. I just thought you might have missed it. I'll probably be torn between full Snuff, and black, with my decision probably being based on the soles.
Good god, that shine is amazing. Quoting without spoiler because this is exactly the kind of post that this porn thread needs.
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