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What are the differences between Saphir wax, creme, and Reno? Are there any no-nos as far as applying any of those to different leather types (calf or shell) goes? Where should I start with my shoe polishing, as someone who's only ever used AE shoe cream?
At least one person in on the MTO needs a wide fitting, which is why we decided on Forest.
Still holding firm on the captoe.
May?! No way, mate. I'd be surprised if we didn't get them within the next six weeks.   Edit: I meant the bal boots, not the shoe re-run. My bad!
Don't you play games with my ankle boot plans, man.
^ Croc accents?
^ Wasn't botched; was just a lighter shade of shell than lots of us had been expecting, but we knew that was a possibility when we ordered.
JODHPUR PLS   That is, if that's similar to the G&G hatch grain I've seen. Got pics of the leather?
It seems like a lot of us are a bit annoyed with the color of the MTO boot, but keep in mind (like Leaves said) that shell is all over the place. I definitely knew beforehand that Cognac could take on lots of different shades, and because I want a darker one, I'll probably be applying some sort of darker (black, maybe?) waxes.
^ Those para boots are definitely lighter than I had expected/hoped, but I'll withhold actual judgment until I put them on my feet.   And nothing that some wax can't fix, eh?
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