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That last comment had me laughing out loud; give my regards to the wife! And lovely fit pics, too; I love the slightly pinkish hue of the ruby in your photo, and those pythons are simply juicy.
^ Woah, that RL is killer.
You didn't slap away her hands? 
I'm new to this thread, but I looked through the thread album and didn't see this posted yet (but forgive me if it was).   Todd Snyder F/W 2011. I wouldn't have been ready for it even if I had known about it in time, but it was (seemingly) very well priced at ~$950. The fit whole thing looks...perfect, in my opinion. If anyone has one or knows where one can be found, let me know; I've though about this jacket at least a few times a week for the last ~3 months.  
Loving this. I saw it on the Chester Mox site after reading the beginning of this thread, and am seriously considering buying it.   Serious question: How do retailers/manufacturers justify such high prices for these? Maybe I'm misunderstanding the cost of the shell itself, but it seems silly for a wallet to cost $400+, when Horween-sourced cordovan shoes can be had for ~$600 when buying directly from Carmina.   Edit: Also, I've only recently considered a key case/wallet,...
MC users have a painful tendency to wear dad jeans with even the most beautiful shoes.
 You are new to this thread!
^ Lovely! I can't wait to finish finals, so I can go home and try on my pair.
Oh wow, those look incredible.
Backing out? 
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