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    Sunken metal taps all around. My one pair of AEs has them as well, and the Ruby captoes are having them done right now.  
I think the calf bal boots have been $695, and shell were either $895 or $925. Austerity should be similarly, if not identically, priced.
A tentative yes from me, too, depending on the last and the sole. And I agree on preferring the lighter leather.
If Gent and I are discussing the same thing, it's the Cognac jumper boot, Oscar last, Dainite sole, purple lining, from Skoaktiebolaget, all organized in the Carmina porn thread. (Spoiler because it's not a bal boot)       [[SPOILER]]   Should be finishing up within a month or so.
That actually sounds pretty damn good. Would be an incredibly sleek boot, especially if we went with Dainite instead of York.
^ The Austerity looks amazing! Snuff sounds like fun, but does anyone know what Carmina's burnished tan calf looks like?   Also, leather soles all the way; let the snowy weather guys buy overshoes or something 
I know about Carmina's Cognac in general, but was wondering about that specific batch. For example, these are Cognac bal boots from Skoaktiebolaget, and they're far too light for my liking.  
^ Lovely! Any chance you could try to get a photo that shows the true color? I'm seriously considering picking these up if they're a good shade of Cognac.
Mike previously stated that the Austerity boot will be rolled out with at least two (maybe three; I don't remember) different styles, hence the lists we're all making. Ruby was one of the earliest ideas, and I think that's as close to locked down as any of the styles are, but Mike is definitely planning some other colors/materials.   Edit: Also, what's a dover sole?
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