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Too niche for summer wear, you mean? Personally I've never felt comfortable dressing down low shoes. Boots seem to have more wiggle room, but even casual shoes look weird to me with denim.
Beautiful. Where'd you get them? I'm looking for my first pair of chelseas right now.
While Carmina's hatch grain looked sorely disappointing to me, I have to vouch for the scotch grain; I have those black grain bal boots that Epaulet did for 2 runs last year, and the texture and quality are phenomenal. 
How tight are you guys lacing your boots? I've literally never replaced a lace on any of the 4-5 pairs of boots I have with speedhooks, all of which I've worn for at least a year.
Pretty sure you can find the original post in the Epaulet thread, just by going through the thread image gallery.
 In case anyone else was curious. Great color!
They're not lasted, but they are noticeably firmer and fuller compared to woodlore epics. Whether or not they're worth 5x the cost is up to you. I've only ever bought mine while buying shoes, but for buying the trees alone, in the US, Steve at gentlemensfootwear.com would probably be your best bet. Leatherfoot has similar pricing, but higher shipping.
This has to be satire. 
You weren't kidding! A quick search led me to these driving gloves of theirs. Killer!  So what's the deal with July/August? Will you be stopping by their shop? I'd definitely be interested in a few of the more exotic options.
Python gloves? Holy hell, are you serious?
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