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Ooh, I hadn't considered a full suede option for the Austerity boot. I might not be in for it, seeing as I'll pick up at least one of the calf/shell options, but it would surely be a beautiful boot.   For anyone who doesn't have experience with Carmina's suede, it's divine. When taking my Snuff monks to a local shoe store/cobbler for taps, he commented on how beautiful the suede was, and it's aged well so far.
I love that this comment reads like "Mumble mumble, here's just enough information to make this a decent reply, and wham now I can share more photos of my juicy new shoes."   CanGren, those look lovely.
The Python rerun is really tempting, but I think I'll end up sitting this one out so that I can pick up some subtler low shoes first.   Speaking of which, are we doing a Snuff Austerity brogue again? Also, what's the story on the calf/suede and Scotchgrain reruns?
What's the difference between pebblegrain and scotchgrain?
The more, the merrier, eh? Seeing as cashmere-lined Dents run about $400 for the peccary pairs, I'd be counting my lucky stars if I were you, especially since the construction looks really solid.
Aye, the color lacks that lovely Cognac depth, but it could just be due to the flash/washed out photo. Bryant, did you email her to order them?
^ Lovely. Leather sole? Any chance of more photos?
Nice, probably got them at a damn good price, too. Good find!
Well, yeah, but who's the maker? I've never seen peccary in that color.
^ Details?
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