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Yeah, me too; that was settled at the very beginning. No idea where the no punching is coming from, seeing as that's basically a different boot.
I meant the Saddle boots 
Looks like we're pretty dead-set on Forest for the Terracotta boot. Just based on comments about the last, we've got six people interested, and a few others who were chatting about the boot a bit earlier in the thread, so we should be good to go.   -Terracotta Lama -Punching on the toecap but NOT all along the upper -Forest last -Leather sole   Sound about right?
^ Nice on both counts. The Saddle still looks pretty dark; did you treat it with any kind of cream?
^ Those actually look darker than the cognac 
^ Yeah, but you might have to wait months at a time for a restock. I missed out on the original shipment, and waited like...5 months or so.
I feel bad for the chaps at Skoaktiebolaget, since there's so much negativity surrounding their first (I think) MTO, and none of it is their fault    With that being said, Carmina really dropped the ball on this one.
Heh, good catch. If I recall correctly from one of my vocabulary hunts, "austerity" means "plainness or simplicity in appearance or style."
Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for; I guess Leffot just doesn't stock the cordovan creme.
^ Is the cream you're referencing the same as the Saphir creme available from Leffot? I don't remember seeing anything specifically about cordovan in the item description, so I'm not certain.
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