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"Too yellow."   Proceeds to recommend the most yellow goddamn shoe anyone has ever seen.
Nope, no rings inside blind eyelets. Those caramel monks were my second pair of "real" shoes last year. Not a bad start!
Probably blind eyelets, i.e., just holes in the leather rather than metal rings lining the edges.
I think that it's missing some tassels!
I should know this because I ordered both pairs, but I'm not sure. I think the shoes were $825 and the boots were $925. Look through the thread gallery (found in the upper right hand corner at the top of the page) to see both pairs. The biggest bummer is that the low pair is basically exactly what you're looking for.   You might be able to do a MTO, but the red shell (called "Ruby" by Carmina, because it's not exactly red) tends to be somewhat limited.
^ You missed all of the trains, buddy. Red shell shoes got ordered and shipped, and recently reordered. Red shell bal boots got ordered and should be delivered within a few weeks.   There's a pair of red shell ankle boots on epaulet's site, but I don't know if they've sold out by now.
Farhad, are those from the web shop? And is the sole leather? If they're the webshop pair, then that cognac came out great.
^ No, actually. I decided that I'd prefer them with a leather sole, and didn't want to buy them if I didn't love every detail. Also, I have no money 
^ If I weren't already broke as hell, I'd pick up those grey suede wholecuts and wear them with navy all the time.
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