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Dude. That would be nucking futs.  Ha, so I guess I'm not alone in having paid a late deposit for the Scotchgrain bal boots. Nah, Mike won't just leave us hanging; worst case scenario is that we just get back our deposits. Seems to me that the penny was shown just to display the Mist, which Mike suggested to use on the tassel loafer.
I'm really excited for this. I'm expecting (but not demanding, mind you) an early March delivery. You know this order just went in like two weeks ago, right? The Scotchgrain bal boot was planned for a remake, and that still hasn't happened ~7 months after the original run.
Standard Forest is standard width; nothing special about the last itself except that it can be ordered in wides.
I'm just not a huge fan of chukkas in general, as to me they're the boot that can't commit. As for croc vs hatch grain jodhpurs...why not both? I'd actually like a pair in lizard, which can be seen (but not bought) on Carmina's site. Just check the recent images tab for the thread; they're all over that gallery.
I'd much rather have the hatch grain in a boot than a derby. Noone else interested in a jodhpur in that leather, or is the whole boot crowd on board the chukka train already?
I'd love to see this in either a chukka or a jodhpur. Rain would definitely be my preferred last of the two, but I'm not overly fond of either. However, I see where you lot are coming from with wanting a sleek, sharp last for such a unique leather, so I might still be in for Rain.
cough Brown/white monk! I swear to you that I'll keep bringing this idea back until it catches hold.
You know you can order a wide fitting, right? That's (one of the reasons) why Forest is such a popular last.
Doesn't seem wide at all to me; my regular-fitting Forest last fit the same (in the same size) as my Queens and Inca lasts.
Well, I woke up and saw that some money had come through from paypal while I slept...       Another slot taken for the Terracotta.    Styleophile, has Carmina ever made channeled soles? I've never seen any from them.
New Posts  All Forums: