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Does anyone know of a source for sunken metal toe taps? I have a good resource for the actual installation of taps (Sky Valet in DC), but the owners often run out of taps; I've been waiting on a pair of shoes for almost two months, with no end in sight.   All I need are the actual metal taps. Thanks!
shoesnlife, those cognac perf captoe ankle boots and the navy loafers are absolutely gorgeous! You're off to a good start.     But Saphir wax is turpentine based 
Yup, Noix was the original plan; Fox was decent, but I don't know how that idea popped up.
^ I was just pointing out that Carmina apparently does have black shell.
I'm loving that contrast toe stitching.
I actually don't even own any C&J shoes, but have used (and liked) their trees with both AEs and Carminas on various lasts.
^ Pretty sure Carmina stocks that in their e-store. In case that model is actually shell, I know for a fact that Skoaktiebolaget has exactly that model.
Disagree: Not all unlasted trees are made equally. I have $100/pair C&J trees that beautifully fill my shoes from heel to toe, with full instep support and all, while I've found that the basic cedar trees that so often get recommended have too low of an instep, and aren't sufficiently wide around the ball of the foot.   Question of my own: This is surely in the shoe care thread somewhere, but I'd like an answer before trawling through hundreds of posts over there. How do...
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