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Standard Forest is standard width; nothing special about the last itself except that it can be ordered in wides.
I'm just not a huge fan of chukkas in general, as to me they're the boot that can't commit. As for croc vs hatch grain jodhpurs...why not both? I'd actually like a pair in lizard, which can be seen (but not bought) on Carmina's site. Just check the recent images tab for the thread; they're all over that gallery.
I'd much rather have the hatch grain in a boot than a derby. Noone else interested in a jodhpur in that leather, or is the whole boot crowd on board the chukka train already?
I'd love to see this in either a chukka or a jodhpur. Rain would definitely be my preferred last of the two, but I'm not overly fond of either. However, I see where you lot are coming from with wanting a sleek, sharp last for such a unique leather, so I might still be in for Rain.
cough Brown/white monk! I swear to you that I'll keep bringing this idea back until it catches hold.
You know you can order a wide fitting, right? That's (one of the reasons) why Forest is such a popular last.
Doesn't seem wide at all to me; my regular-fitting Forest last fit the same (in the same size) as my Queens and Inca lasts.
Well, I woke up and saw that some money had come through from paypal while I slept...       Another slot taken for the Terracotta.    Styleophile, has Carmina ever made channeled soles? I've never seen any from them.
Soooo punched toe, then?   Shun the non-believers.
My mistake; I didn't mean to suggest that it's a COMPLETELY different boot, but rather that I prefer the aesthetics of the punched toe rather than the cap toe. Exactly. There was a suggestion being tossed around (maybe just within the PM thread a while back) about spreading the punching all around the upper, like the wingtip ankle boots on Epaulet's site. Agreed with the pros, but beyond the leather texture, I wouldn't worry about it being too close to the...
New Posts  All Forums: