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Agreed. That's one of the things that held me back from getting Skoaktiebolaget's grain leather bal boot.
I might be interested in the Austerity, too. From what I recall (and for what it's worth), the Snuff MTO was on Rain and came out really nice.
When I have a jodhpur idea, all I hear is crickets. When Namor "The boot god" has a jodhpur idea, he's halfway to his MTO participation minimum within four hours.   Classic 
Good choice, and the creasing on those is already looking gorgeous!
I originally submitted a deposit for the first scotchgrain boot, but because I was late (after all the orders were submitted), mine fell through the cracks.   So,  yeah, I have a deposit down for the remake...but I don't know when the remake is coming!
I might be in for the Jodhpur. Silver hardware, or brass as (I think) was originally planned? And since we're talking about reruns for Autumn: Scotchgrain bal boot, anyone?  Aren't you talking about the same shoe? I'm pretty sure Mike's not choosing between the wholecut and the Jodhpur.
I got my ruby bals and my cognac jumpers within a week of each other and I've worn both, but haven't yet taken pics of either    But I'm loving them so far. Beautiful boots, both pairs.
I'm not sure if you're asking if their source is Horween, or if it's a specific Horween location.   If your question is the former, then yup, all of the shell is from Horween.
They're definitely not quite as red as they seem in Mike's photos...until you step into the sun. I put on my pair a few days ago and thought, "Hey, these aren't bright at all!" Then I went outside and thought, "Oh yeah baby, now that's what I'm talking about."   Seriously, they're like a small signal beacon that you can wear on your feet. I love it.
Fuark, my MTO jumper boots got shipped to my house instead of my dorm. Thankfully I have a friend driving down on Friday who can bring them, but that's an extra 4-day wait >:(
New Posts  All Forums: