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Damn, nice find cicumspice.  *cough*
Is the antelope leather...actually antelope leather? I feel like I would have to buy a boot made of that just for the sake of having it. Mike, are there any other colors available?
And I think when you last mentioned the hatch grain, I started yelling about making a jodhpur or a chelsea in that kind of leather. Some serious déjà vu in this thread.
Agreed. That's one of the things that held me back from getting Skoaktiebolaget's grain leather bal boot.
I might be interested in the Austerity, too. From what I recall (and for what it's worth), the Snuff MTO was on Rain and came out really nice.
When I have a jodhpur idea, all I hear is crickets. When Namor "The boot god" has a jodhpur idea, he's halfway to his MTO participation minimum within four hours.   Classic 
Good choice, and the creasing on those is already looking gorgeous!
I originally submitted a deposit for the first scotchgrain boot, but because I was late (after all the orders were submitted), mine fell through the cracks.   So,  yeah, I have a deposit down for the remake...but I don't know when the remake is coming!
I might be in for the Jodhpur. Silver hardware, or brass as (I think) was originally planned? And since we're talking about reruns for Autumn: Scotchgrain bal boot, anyone?  Aren't you talking about the same shoe? I'm pretty sure Mike's not choosing between the wholecut and the Jodhpur.
I got my ruby bals and my cognac jumpers within a week of each other and I've worn both, but haven't yet taken pics of either    But I'm loving them so far. Beautiful boots, both pairs.
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