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Slow down there, moneybags, you're going to give me a panic attack with those shipping costs.
^ Are they your first pair of shell shoes   Aaaand I just realized whose comment that was as I was typing that question. I'd give them some more time, but that's just because my shell shoes have all been woefully tight on my left (larger) foot for the first few wears, to the point of physical pain, and only became comfortable after about an hour on my feet for each wear, and then eventually they just broke in after a few weeks.
You know you're buying too many shoes when you read one of Mike's upcoming delivery lists, see a shoe that makes you think "Huh that sounds pretty cool, I wish I had heard of that earlier," only to realize that you've already bought it.    Mike, what's up with the differences in the lizard patterns based on color? The black has a killer grain, but a black pair wouldn't get as much action as dark brown. Anyway, my vote (still) goes for a lizard Chelsea or Jodhpur. 
^ I really wouldn't recommend a cognac MTO, just because of how much the shell can vary. Everyone has a different preference for which shade they want, so obviously not everyone can be pleased with what they get.
Wow, that reindeer leather sounds wild. stevent, where did you hear about Cleverley handling the leather? Are any photos available online?
Woops, my mistake!
Caramel, just like th URL says.   Mike, keep us posted on other colors of the antelope. Even if there aren't any others, I'd probably be in for a jumper boot; a tough leather like that paired with a badass boot design would be almost impossible to pass up.
Damn, nice find cicumspice.  *cough*
Is the antelope leather...actually antelope leather? I feel like I would have to buy a boot made of that just for the sake of having it. Mike, are there any other colors available?
And I think when you last mentioned the hatch grain, I started yelling about making a jodhpur or a chelsea in that kind of leather. Some serious déjà vu in this thread.
New Posts  All Forums: