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Holy shit, look at the shine on that center pair. Phenomenal.
Bumping this.
Does anyone know of a source for sunken metal toe taps? I have a good resource for the actual installation of taps (Sky Valet in DC), but the owners often run out of taps; I've been waiting on a pair of shoes for almost two months, with no end in sight.   All I need are the actual metal taps. Thanks!
shoesnlife, those cognac perf captoe ankle boots and the navy loafers are absolutely gorgeous! You're off to a good start.     But Saphir wax is turpentine based 
Yup, Noix was the original plan; Fox was decent, but I don't know how that idea popped up.
^ I was just pointing out that Carmina apparently does have black shell.
I'm loving that contrast toe stitching.
I actually don't even own any C&J shoes, but have used (and liked) their trees with both AEs and Carminas on various lasts.
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