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Speaking of potential MTOs...with that lizard Carmina chelsea on the front page, would anyone be interested in a lizard chelsea or jodhpur for this coming Autumn? That would put us around May for deposits, accounting for Carmina's summer vacation, and delivery in September.
Damn, Brioni, those spectators are hot.
Personally not at all interested in saddle shoes. 
^ Based on the photo, I, too, would presume that the laces would be "hidden," but I'd also appreciate confirmation of that before any money gets thrown down.
I thought the penny loafer was only posted to give a reference photo for the Mist suede, and that we would be making the tassel loafer in that material.   Or are we making both?
"Too yellow."   Proceeds to recommend the most yellow goddamn shoe anyone has ever seen.
Nope, no rings inside blind eyelets. Those caramel monks were my second pair of "real" shoes last year. Not a bad start!
Probably blind eyelets, i.e., just holes in the leather rather than metal rings lining the edges.
I think that it's missing some tassels!
New Posts  All Forums: