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If you don't mind me asking, how did you achieve such a shine? Just wax? I waxed my first pair of shoes just last week, and am getting a better shine, but it's still not as good as yours.
The MTO styles will be shipping in for those who ordered them, and I presume the open stock styles are the ones that will go right into Epaulet's inventory to sell on their site.
Holy shit, look at the shine on that center pair. Phenomenal.
Bumping this.
Does anyone know of a source for sunken metal toe taps? I have a good resource for the actual installation of taps (Sky Valet in DC), but the owners often run out of taps; I've been waiting on a pair of shoes for almost two months, with no end in sight.   All I need are the actual metal taps. Thanks!
shoesnlife, those cognac perf captoe ankle boots and the navy loafers are absolutely gorgeous! You're off to a good start.     But Saphir wax is turpentine based 
Yup, Noix was the original plan; Fox was decent, but I don't know how that idea popped up.
^ I was just pointing out that Carmina apparently does have black shell.
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