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Speaking of Hermes...   And apologies in advance if this photo actually came from this thread; I've had it saved for ages and don't recall its origin.    
Already getting antsy, huh? Didn't you get your ruby bal boots just like 4-6 weeks ago? 
That's what I thought, based on the decorations/tassels on the laces, but I love that white/caramel combo; the fact that it's on a boot makes it even better.
Those are nice, but shame on you for not posting this photo, too.     God damn does that spectator ankle boot look nice. 
I have a pair of calf Dent's (cashmere lined) that I picked up at the start of the winter, and I'll be buying peccary from them before next winter because:   -Peccary, due to being an expensive material, tends to be associated with better construction. Calf will often be machine made (as mine were, and I've been lusting after a chunkier, outseam-sewn peccary pair for months). -Peccary can age beautifully. I can't speak for all calf gloves, but mine have just started...
Wow, that boot sounds like it could be really badass. Leaves, what last is it on? And why suede for such a tough sounding boot?
I only have Inca, but from what I've heard, Simpson is by far the sleekest, to the point that most people size up by 0.5 from their usual Carmina size.
^ 5 layers in one go? Do you wait at all between those coats? I had my first experience with wax a few months ago and it ended up cracking a bit.
Holy smokes, that's beautiful. From Skoak, right? How did you do it? Just wax, layer after layer? I really need to step up my shoe shine game.
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