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Wow, they really weren't kidding when they said that the late batch turned out to be proper Cognac; those are absolutely gorgeous. How long did shipping take? Mine were sent out on Monday, and I'm itching to get them (although I literally just unwrapped my Ruby bal boots from Epaulet...).
Just got my invoice and talked to Mike on the phone: Apparently they're pretty swamped with trouser and shoe shipments up there, but Mike was getting the ball rolling on everyone's invoices.
I got a bit excited after my first delivery of Saphir wax, and realized that I applied it too quickly/frequently to one pair of my boots. There's slight cracking of the wax on the heel counter and the toe. Would Saphir Reno be able to "reset" this and allow me to start over with my application of the wax?   Also, to avoid this in the future, how long should I spend polishing each coat of wax, and how long should I wait for each coat to dry? I'm certain that those...
Nope. I'm betting they'll come today or tomorrow, and shipping will start on Monday.
The Jodhpurs are great, too. Far better than I expected, and I'm kicking myself for not getting them, but my god am I excited for those Ruby boots.
AND my jumper boots from Skoaktiebolaget just arrived in their shop. Oh boy.
Mike lumped it in with the other MTO pairs, which I presume are shipping with the regular stock pairs, which Mike said should come by the end of the week.   I. Am. Fucking. Pumped. I can't wait to wear these on campus.    
If you don't mind me asking, how did you achieve such a shine? Just wax? I waxed my first pair of shoes just last week, and am getting a better shine, but it's still not as good as yours.
The MTO styles will be shipping in for those who ordered them, and I presume the open stock styles are the ones that will go right into Epaulet's inventory to sell on their site.
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