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Spoiler because it's not thread relevant:       [[SPOILER]] Not my pic, because I *just* paid and haven't gotten it yet. It's been in my sights for over a year. I envy your potential suit purchase; I've been outgrowing my clothes so fast that all of my money is going to shoes and accessories, but after this watch I don't even know how I'm going to pay Mike for the incoming boots D: shh don't tell him.
^ Excellent. I was a bit confused, because I've never before heard of Horween sourcing calf. Thanks for the updates, and keep us posted!   And justin, I want to stop buying shoes, especially since I just bought my first watch, but...Fall boot makeups. Can't stop that train.
You ordered boots without knowing what color they were?    By the way, I think we're becoming MTO buddies. First the ruby boot, then the terracotta. There might have even been a third in there somewhere.
Loden shell sounds damn nice for a Greeley. Mike, would the hatch grain be calf or shell? I'm just asking because you mentioned Horween.
^ The original photo of that leather was in a different color, so you might be thinking of that.
Oh man, those Greeleys look hot hot HOT. For an Autumn makeup, how about that Greeley with a chocolate calf lower and purple suede upper that was being mentioned when the boot was first designed? Now that we've got some basic colors covered in that design, we can get a little crazy.   Another idea: Jumper boot with scotch grain upper, à la EG Galways.   Final suggestion: A re-vote for Jodhpurs in that hatch grain, if possible. How much of that leather is...
Laws are for poor people.
That's almost cheap enough to count as robbery. Good find, mate.
Sea turtle...damn, that's another leather to add to the list if I want to own a pair of shoes in every available leather.
Thankfully the East coast has been cooled down by rain whenever it's started to heat up. While all of my classmates are grumbling about how cold it is, I'm thrilled that it's almost May and I'm still wearing boots every day.   You should have also picked up the Ruby cap toes like I did, to have Ruby available for any kind of weather!
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