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Feel free to send some of those savings my way 
Lizard chelsea somehow transforming into tobacco jodhpur...   I'd be in on the tobacco jodhpur if I weren't already waiting for a chocolate suede chelsea.
Inca feels a bit wider around the ball of the foot, but frankly that could be because my only Inca pairs are double monks, so they'll have extra give. Both have quite narrow toe boxes, with Inca being more pointed/rounded and rain being more square and chiseled. I would take the same size on both, but perhaps someone with the same style of shoe on both lasts could weigh in more effectively.
Never had a Jodhpur before, but I'm interested. Do they have the same elastic sides as a chelsea, but covered up by the front "flap" of leather? If not, what keeps them up?
@sacafotos My retailer said the lizard I'm dealing with is Indonesian Water Monitor. Not sure what Carmina would source.   @zippyh From my limited experience with exotics, the burden seems to be entirely on the retailer. I've had python gloves and now alligator boots delivered, and while I've heard mentions of certifications that needed to be obtained before shipment to me, I never did any extra work. So maybe a slightly longer wait time, but that's it from what I've...
Here's the bordeaux I mentioned earlier (only have a photo of the hides; gloves haven't arrived yet). 
I've PMed Steve about our color options. Brown and black will almost certainly be available, but it'll be nice to see if we anything less conventional is an option; I recently had some gloves made in lizard in medium grey and a purplish burgundy called "bordeaux," so the leathers are definitely out there.   Rain last seems to be almost unanimously our favorite so far, with Inca just getting a few "that could be cool" mentions but nothing more.   As for the sole, I'm...
Since the lizard chelseas are getting a lot of attention, what do you guys think of a GMTO?   I just got my first pair of chelseas (also Rain last) a few days ago, and I gotta admit that I'm already hooked (and eagerly anticipating a suede pair soon to follow), and MAN is that lizard gorgeous.   Any takers? Should probably be around ~$600 through GF, not sure about Skoak's prices for a boot like this.
Yup, the shell shaft was pretty rough, considering the height of the boot; my shell jumpers make me think that ankle boot height is about as far as I'd want to go with shell. My all calf bal boots are comfortable, but my pair with a suede shaft are downright fantastic. I haven't worn the alligator shaft pair yet, but I suspect it'll act almost as soft as suede.
 Woooah. Beautiful.
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