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Sorry to spam the thread, but I'll just pipe up and say that my Oscar lasted jumper boots fit the same as my Forest lasted bal boots of the same size.   As for the Loden jumper, Mike said he had fairly limited supply of the leather; I guess he brought it down to one shoe and one boot, with the bal boot beating out the jumper.
Also, for anyone wondering about the color of the Loden shell (as I was), here's that penny loafer photo for easier reference:       The lighting in this photo is MUCH friendlier to the color than those previous penny loafer shots.
Fuck me, those green Greeleys are nice.
  [[SPOILER]]       Speaking of similar looking Lobbs, I found these "Helldons" at    http://www.upper-shoes.com/chaussures-luxe-hommes-john-lobb/2148,64-helldon.html   but I haven't been able to find out any more about them. If they could be had without the zipper, I'd prefer them even to that EG boot.
Thanks for the link, michael. It's a shame that EG stopped producing them, but maybe things have changed since then; those posts date back to 2007.
I'm in the same boat; a few weeks ago I started to literally burst out of my favorite chinos (which replaced my older favorite chinos, which grew too small for me in a more peaceful manner).   The clothes won't stretch, but if you keep going hard on squats you'll have to replace your pants fairly often for a while. Suffer the fate of cheap(er) pants for the time being, and pray that your legs cool down eventually.   "Slim fit" is now your nemesis.
    Has anyone heard of the John Lobb "Heldons" pictured here? I found them here: http://www.upper-shoes.com/chaussures-luxe-hommes-john-lobb/2148,64-helldon.html but can't find them anywhere else online.       Or these unnamed (at least for me) EG boots?   Any idea where I could learn more about either pair, or other, similar tanker boots? A higher style like the Lobbs would be preferable, and ideally they'd be without a zipper, but I'll be...
What's the deal with these tanker boots? Does EG offer them at all, or was this a special order?
    Has anyone heard of the John Lobb "Heldon"? I found it here:   http://www.upper-shoes.com/chaussures-luxe-hommes-john-lobb/2148,64-helldon.html   and besides the zipper, it's a beautiful boot. Unfortunately, I can't find anything about it on SF or anywhere else on the net.
I take the same size for Inca and Forest.
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