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Love it. Speaking of tough looking boots, they remind me of these EGs I came across recently.     And on an even more related note, check out these Lobbs. Most badass boots I've ever seen, save for the zipper on the back.     Any chance we could get an even higher boot? I think I'd be in for that blucher of yours, regardless, but I'd love me a mid-calf tanker boot.
I've had an easy time wearing Ruby in a casual setting (chinos + tee appropriate, or something similar), but I suspect it wouldn't be crazy hard to wear with greys and blues. I really, really like this idea. Popular ideas would keep getting bumped and get more views. How about sub-forums for brands, much like marketplace has MC/SW/accessories? So the likes of Carmina and G&G don't battle for thread count.
Hey James (or Mike, or anyone from Epaulet), just to clarify about the hatch grain: Are we using the same leather source as that G&G wholecut posted a while back, seen here? Or can we not be sure about that?       I just ask because it looks so different on the wholecut compared to that chukka that Mike posted recently, and I'm not sure if that's because it's a different leather, or it's finished differently, or it's waxed a bit, or whatever.
Most of my boots came in smaller sized bags that just oh so barely fit, but my Skoak jumper boots came in marvelously big bags; it's actually a genuine pleasure to use them.
Congratulations on the new shoes; they're beautiful. With that being said, this is still my favorite photo. I just got two pairs of Carminas in the same package and loved unboxing them, so I can't even imagine how excited you must have been.
^ Notreknip, have you looked at the penny loafer shot on the deposit page for the jumper boot? It's darker, making for less of an "apple" color than Mike's mockups, and looks like it would be great for almost all greys and browns.
Sorry to spam the thread, but I'll just pipe up and say that my Oscar lasted jumper boots fit the same as my Forest lasted bal boots of the same size.   As for the Loden jumper, Mike said he had fairly limited supply of the leather; I guess he brought it down to one shoe and one boot, with the bal boot beating out the jumper.
Also, for anyone wondering about the color of the Loden shell (as I was), here's that penny loafer photo for easier reference:       The lighting in this photo is MUCH friendlier to the color than those previous penny loafer shots.
Fuck me, those green Greeleys are nice.
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