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That Austerity is a beautiful shape, and the color is on point. Two pairs of ruby boots? Killing it.
People who are forced to dress "nicely" every day tend to have a bad habit of wearing really ugly "nice" things. Unless you take it up as a hobby/interest instead of just a requirement, you're probably going to look like you rent your suits.
Finally getting those Lamas coming my way...    
Agreed. What do you guys think, make them super tough with storm welt + Dainite, or flat welt + double leather (possibly with a lighter trim, like the green monks posted earlier)?   frog: great photos, and great boots. Looking really nice.
I don't own any jodhpurs yet, but do the buckles have to be undone each time, or are they attached with elastic like the upper buckles on Carmina's double monks?   And if I were you, I'd go for a bal boot to fill that dressy boot need. Dainite sole and you're good to go.
It's great that a lot of guys are happy about that chukka finally getting rolled out, but I might have to throw a tantrum if we don't get a chelsea or jodhpur in that same leather.
Be sure to update with photos!
I think he might have said 8UK. 
God damn that green looks good.
That was on sale about 6 months ago, but it was really limited and I haven't seen it on their site for a few months. 
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