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Sushi, I definitely remember that feeling of worrying you'll quickly wear out your new shoes, but rest assured that they're far tougher than you can imagine. They'll take a beating.
Oh man, these would be brilliant for summer wear. Really love the irregular shape around the lacing.
I'm not sure about the black pair, but I know for a fact that the suede balmoral boots listed in the web shop are on a York sole--not quite Dainite, but mostly rubber.
Does anyone know anything about the different materials listed on the site? Noble vs. bear vs. velour high standard, etc.   Also, I went to checkout, and it seemed that VAT wasn't deducted at any point. Bummer.
Loving those sweats. Will definitely have my eye on the herringbone pair, and maybe the camel (Mustard? Honey?) pair.
Until recently, I had only ever had internally stitched calfskin gloves, and hand stitched peccary gloves, and I found both of those combinations to work brilliantly; the calf stayed sleek, while the peccary's rough texture was nicely emphasized. But I just picked up a pair of calfskin gloves that are externally stitched, and there's definitely something weird about them. Not nearly as chunky as the peccary pairs, but the combination just isn't as congruent as calf...
Holy SHIT those are nice. PMing for details now.
I'd vote Oscar. My jumpers on that last would definitely still look good if they were a few inches taller.
The grains look completely different. The hatch grain, as seen on the MTO page, is a cross hatch patter, while the scotch grain is more "pebbled."   See here for the scotch grain:
I love that tan wholecut. Beautiful.
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