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Come at me, Gerry.  
For that MTO, I definitely prefer the darker color. My pair doesn't have that depth/shine that the photo you used had (although that could be due to inexperience with shining cordovan), but I already had a pair of open-laced boots in a walnut brown when I picked up those jumpers; I wanted something darker.   I actually really like the saddle color, but, like dddrees said, I just wouldn't want that kind of surprise on a $700 purchase, whether or not the other color is nice.
That cognac/dark cognac bit has been mentioned before, but there's been no concrete confirmation on it as far as I know. Furthermore, we only heard that after the MTO was all wrapped up; at best it seemed like Carmina trying to explain why a bunch of boots came out looking like they were made from Saddle shell. The photo you offered is the same one we used as a basis for the first MTO, and I honestly don't know how someone could say that it's the lighter shade of...
What he means is that probably at least half of the people from the original MTO got boots that looked less like cognac and more like saddle shell; look through the thread gallery to see what I mean.   I got lucky and ended up with the color I wanted, but I'd never do a cognac MTO again.
Fucking told you guys that a lizard chelsea would be amazing. But noooo.
That could definitely be an issue; I've noticed a fair deal of slipping when I wear them unbuckled. It would probably be easier with heavy winter socks, but I think the whole look would just seem out of place during colder weather.
Speaking of the possible JL boot, what kind of makeups would you guys want? So far Mike's suggested cognac shell and black scotch grain, but those are really similar to the existing jumper boot and last year's black bal bot, respectively.   I kind of like aacrack's "Kensington" scotch grain, but am just tossing out ideas:  
Great monks, Jagger. I've enjoyed my caramel calf/snuff suede pairs, but admittedly they don't get worn too often when the weather is boot-friendly.   Do you wear yours unbuckled? I've liked the look of having the top buckle undone when I wore them that way a few times.
Even if my quads would fit into jeans anymore, my legs would still be too big to look good in them, especially when coupled with dressy shoes.   It's one of the only things that makes me envy those skinny guys on tumblr with their slim jeans that they never grow out of. [[SPOILER]]
The back of that doesn't have Carmina's common quarter-circle tab at the top of the heel stitching. I don't know if that's on every pair of their shoes, so I can't be sure.
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