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The back of that doesn't have Carmina's common quarter-circle tab at the top of the heel stitching. I don't know if that's on every pair of their shoes, so I can't be sure.
Heavens, no. Chinos. 
I can only vouch for it in a casual setting, but it's been extremely easy to wear for me. Like runningfrog said, it works well with blues, greys, and even light browns.
You're best off PMing Mike (username Epaulet). Most people size down between 0.5 and 1 from their US sizes (so an 8UK or 8.5UK for you), but it depends on foot shape/last. Check out the Carmina sizing thread.
A lot of the confusion in the comments seems to based around the idea that "the same pair of pants" can be had for $50, $30, or even $15. The average person, at least in America, couldn't care less about how something fits or feels as long as it stays on the body and isn't too tight, so most people don't understand why anything would warrant a higher price than what they bought at Walmart.   I definitely feel a huge disconnect between myself and my peers when it comes to...
Woah. Where'd you pick those up, Gerry? They're beautiful.
Seeing as they're restocking that cognac boot in three months, there's really no point in any kind of MTO on that front. Actually, I'm pretty sure the Carmina webshop has that same boot in stock right now. PM Mike (username Epaulet). I think he mentioned that if anyone needs a wide, he can put in a special order.
Actually, if the biggest issue is missed MTOs, we could solve that fairly easily by setting up something outside of SF. Not a separate forum or anything like that, but an email list or RSS feed that we could subscribe to.   The email list would probably be the easiest. It wouldn't have to be formal; just a "Hey, skoak has a new MTO of [x] on [last] in [leather], with deposits due by [date]. Link is in the skoak thread," since the point isn't to actually sell the...
I see what you mean about the taller boot. The straps and lacing make it different enough from a motorcycle boot for me, but I definitely understand where you're coming from.   As for the EG style boot, I'm guessing that whatever design Mike comes up with will have to be created and tested like the austerity boot, so we're probably looking at 4-6 months before we can start planning for MTOs. Oscar is rounder on the toes and bigger throughout the foot. Not nearly as sleek...
New Posts  All Forums: