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They're not lasted, but they are noticeably firmer and fuller compared to woodlore epics. Whether or not they're worth 5x the cost is up to you. I've only ever bought mine while buying shoes, but for buying the trees alone, in the US, Steve at would probably be your best bet. Leatherfoot has similar pricing, but higher shipping.
This has to be satire. 
You weren't kidding! A quick search led me to these driving gloves of theirs. Killer!  So what's the deal with July/August? Will you be stopping by their shop? I'd definitely be interested in a few of the more exotic options.
Python gloves? Holy hell, are you serious?
I doubt it would be worth the money to have them altered, even if you managed to find someone who could do it (unlikely, I think). If the hand opening is too small, you'll just have to opt for a different style; all of my gloves have notches at the wrist so that the hand opening is comfortable to pull over your hand. Bummer about the whole situation.
It might not be orange, exactly, and I suspect the light is bringing out even more orange than usually, but I agree that it's not the brown color.   Email CJ and tell them what's up. If anything, I'd be more concerned about the fit than the color; those look pretty big on you.
Rain seems a bit longer because it's narrower and more chiseled toward the front. Similar raised toeboxes. Rain also seems to be a bit wider around the ball of the foot, but that may be because my Queens pair is shell and my Rain pairs are calf and suede. I take the same size in both. I did my best to line them up at the back. Both 9UK. Shell pair - QueensSuede pair - Rain Toeboxes: And a shot from above. 
Are those the new Tobacco Dents?
I hear that; I wear pretty hard on the toes, so I have sunken metal taps in all of my leather-soled pairs. I've been using a local cobbler for the job (Sky Valet in DC, in case you're nearby), but I hear that B. Nelson in NY does a great job of it for a reasonable price (~$40 per pair), and the shipping is very manageable. (Free one-way, if I remember correctly)
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