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I agree that most government guys could look better, but most people just don't care about clothes. By that same token, why isn't everyone on SF worried about being in perfect physical shape? Because working out (even though it makes you look better, much like clothes) is a niche interest, also like clothes.
For whatever reason, I already had that color in mind, even though the example of Loden shell that I found was much brighter:   http://obviousamerica.com/2011/05/22/yuketen-loden-shell-cordovan-penny-loafer/#more-654   That darker color looks REALLY good--the indoor subtlety/outdoor color would probably feel a lot like Ruby shell. And I just think that darker green looks more tough. Count me in.   Now I'm worried that this will turn into another cognac shell debacle, with...
Agreed; I haven't been a huge fan of chukkas since throwing away my Clarks a while back. What kind of boot (or shoe) would you like to see for that hatch grain?
That Austerity is a beautiful shape, and the color is on point. Two pairs of ruby boots? Killing it.
People who are forced to dress "nicely" every day tend to have a bad habit of wearing really ugly "nice" things. Unless you take it up as a hobby/interest instead of just a requirement, you're probably going to look like you rent your suits.
Finally getting those Lamas coming my way...    
Agreed. What do you guys think, make them super tough with storm welt + Dainite, or flat welt + double leather (possibly with a lighter trim, like the green monks posted earlier)?   frog: great photos, and great boots. Looking really nice.
I don't own any jodhpurs yet, but do the buckles have to be undone each time, or are they attached with elastic like the upper buckles on Carmina's double monks?   And if I were you, I'd go for a bal boot to fill that dressy boot need. Dainite sole and you're good to go.
It's great that a lot of guys are happy about that chukka finally getting rolled out, but I might have to throw a tantrum if we don't get a chelsea or jodhpur in that same leather.
Be sure to update with photos!
New Posts  All Forums: