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I'd prefer blind eyelets, but that's not a dealbreaker for me. As for the sole, I'd want all leather; if you settle on tomir or dainite, maybe Steve can sneak in an odd leather soled pair for me, but otherwise I'm out. It's not the look/profile of it, but rather the difference in "tap" when walking in leather soles compared with the "thud" of dainite. I was thinking standard cap toe bal boot. Might still be interested in an austerity brogue though.   I already have a black...
I've been lusting for a full suede bal boot for ages, but I'm not thrilled with the york sole of the pair offered on Carmina's site. Leather or bust.
 Tobacco suede bal boot, you mean? I'd love a full suede bal boot, provided that I could snag a leather soled pair. Would also be interested in snuff, on forest/rain as well.
Forest is available in Wides.
^ Not sure what you're talking about with "silver sole." If you're talking about rubber, it's going to be Dainite (circular "studs" scattered on the sole), Victory (V pattern on sole), Commando (more rugged work boot style), or Tomir (smooth rubber sole).   Toe taps are only necessary if your gait makes the toes of your shoes wear down too fast. I've never seen them applied on a rubber sole, and don't know if it's possible.   Calf should be fine in most weather, but...
No worries Steve, I'm just moaning on like always. Looking forward to wearing these!
I always seem to be the last one to get my MTOs... I haven't even gotten an invoice for the suede Chelseas!     They look great, though, Justin!
If you guys are still in, I'm still in. A vote or two for jodhpurs, but chelsea seems to be the favorite.   So the makeup would be: Brown lizard (@Jazzmenco, seem my above post about Carmina's lizard color choices) Rain last Leather sole (Single or double leather sole? I've honestly never even noticed a difference)   Interested parties so far are: diglett halfnhalfnhalf Jazzmenco   Possibly on board: nickrut greverif (said he preferred black)   This hasn't...
^ Absolutely killer, anderz. Steve got back to me and said the lizard chelseas would be $745. Apparently Carmina sometimes does source purple lizard, but it's currently out of stock. Navy doesn't even get stocked, so right now our options our black and anderz's brown.   Where do we stand on chelsea versus jodhpur? I'm open to either one.   As for color, I think black would look great, but even with only two pairs of black boots in my rotation I already feel pretty...
From what I've seen here, most people take the same size on Rain and Inca. I can't imagine what kind of foot shape would dictate changing size between the two lasts.
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