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I've PMed Steve about our color options. Brown and black will almost certainly be available, but it'll be nice to see if we anything less conventional is an option; I recently had some gloves made in lizard in medium grey and a purplish burgundy called "bordeaux," so the leathers are definitely out there.   Rain last seems to be almost unanimously our favorite so far, with Inca just getting a few "that could be cool" mentions but nothing more.   As for the sole, I'm...
Since the lizard chelseas are getting a lot of attention, what do you guys think of a GMTO?   I just got my first pair of chelseas (also Rain last) a few days ago, and I gotta admit that I'm already hooked (and eagerly anticipating a suede pair soon to follow), and MAN is that lizard gorgeous.   Any takers? Should probably be around ~$600 through GF, not sure about Skoak's prices for a boot like this.
Yup, the shell shaft was pretty rough, considering the height of the boot; my shell jumpers make me think that ankle boot height is about as far as I'd want to go with shell. My all calf bal boots are comfortable, but my pair with a suede shaft are downright fantastic. I haven't worn the alligator shaft pair yet, but I suspect it'll act almost as soft as suede.
 Woooah. Beautiful.
 The ruby boot? I had the same problem  I was used to a snug fit on my other bal boots, but they were calf, and eventually I had to admit that the cordovan in the same size was just unwearable.
Gotta talk a little smack to you guys for making me pay a single MTO fee instead of enjoying a GMTO  
X-post from the skoak thread: MTO bal boots, brown calf and brown suede alligator. Rain last, metal toe taps. My first ever personal MTO, and I think I picked a good one.      
Since you guys seem to have lacked the cojones to go through with this as a GMTO a few months ago, I had to get a one-off:         The alligator seems to be a darker color than the original that SB showed us over the summer, but I'm by no means displeased. The finish on the alligator is gorgeous, and once I get a good wax on the toes, we'll really be in business. Cheers to all the folks at SB who helped me out with this one!
Hey Steve, when can we expect the Vegano chelseas to get invoiced and shipped out to us?
 Are you talking about Victory or is this something I've never heard of before?
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