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99% sure that Steve (the vendor in charge of the lizard chelsea makeup) said $745 shipped for the pair. Did you pm steve? http://www.styleforum.net/u/166633/steveyoo1983 If so then you may just have to wait a little bit. He may be a bit swamped at the moment, but he always replies ASAP.
Damn you guys hit the ground running with that makeup. A few hours offline and I come back to see a bunch of empty wallets!
I've only worn them a few times, but they're shaping up nicely. First time I've had a pair of bal boots with different shaft/upper colors, and I'm digging it. Pics to come next time I put them on, pinkie promise!
I will admit that I've been enjoying the hell out of them. I still think Forest is great, but Rain is undeniably sleeker, and really just killer on a boot.
Say that to my face, not online, see what happens 
Looks a lot like the G&G Thorpe   [[SPOILER]]   (Photo from skoak) I'm always disappointed with the dainite that seems to come standard with Thorpe models, but I like the heavy sole look. A grain version of the Carmina model with a double leather sole would make for a fine compromise.  Anyone have more info on the Carmina model number or anything?
Personal MTOs or GMTOs? Maybe the Bonafe special that's going on now? Fill me in 
When I mentioned the cap toe, I meant one with a perf toe (quarter brogue? whatever.) as that's the only bal boot I've seen offered besides the relatively new austerity brogue. So we're in agreement there.
I'd prefer blind eyelets, but that's not a dealbreaker for me. As for the sole, I'd want all leather; if you settle on tomir or dainite, maybe Steve can sneak in an odd leather soled pair for me, but otherwise I'm out. It's not the look/profile of it, but rather the difference in "tap" when walking in leather soles compared with the "thud" of dainite. I was thinking standard cap toe bal boot. Might still be interested in an austerity brogue though.   I already have a black...
I've been lusting for a full suede bal boot for ages, but I'm not thrilled with the york sole of the pair offered on Carmina's site. Leather or bust.
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