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I have a pair of shoes in --I THINK-- the new tobacco (with the old tobacco being renamed "Fox" I think). The color is beautiful but it definitely stands out more than a more standard suede. Chocolate is VERY dark, snuff is a fairly standard, healthy medium brown, and tobacco is a lighter and more reddish brown. Lightest I would go is snuff for standard wear.
Good to hear. This should be fun!
99% sure that Steve (the vendor in charge of the lizard chelsea makeup) said $745 shipped for the pair. Did you pm steve? If so then you may just have to wait a little bit. He may be a bit swamped at the moment, but he always replies ASAP.
Damn you guys hit the ground running with that makeup. A few hours offline and I come back to see a bunch of empty wallets!
I've only worn them a few times, but they're shaping up nicely. First time I've had a pair of bal boots with different shaft/upper colors, and I'm digging it. Pics to come next time I put them on, pinkie promise!
I will admit that I've been enjoying the hell out of them. I still think Forest is great, but Rain is undeniably sleeker, and really just killer on a boot.
Say that to my face, not online, see what happens 
Looks a lot like the G&G Thorpe   [[SPOILER]]   (Photo from skoak) I'm always disappointed with the dainite that seems to come standard with Thorpe models, but I like the heavy sole look. A grain version of the Carmina model with a double leather sole would make for a fine compromise.  Anyone have more info on the Carmina model number or anything?
Personal MTOs or GMTOs? Maybe the Bonafe special that's going on now? Fill me in 
When I mentioned the cap toe, I meant one with a perf toe (quarter brogue? whatever.) as that's the only bal boot I've seen offered besides the relatively new austerity brogue. So we're in agreement there.
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