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I'm not actually interested in another boot; I was just pointing out that the alligator bal boot that's already up for a MTO is on Rain. And, like Leaves said, may be one of few if any other Rain bal boots.
  Man, if only there were a MTO open for this right now. We could even make the shaft in alligator... 
Looks like I'll be hanging around in here for a while! Thanks for the info.
Do we know anything about the alligator bal boot besides the tease pic? MTO, full, or limited run? Maybe like the crocolaide? I'm already way too excited.
Absolutely. My calf Carmina bal boots with a suede shaft lace up nice and tight, but my cordovan (lower and shaft) bal boots don't even nearly lace up all the way, and are far too tight on the toes. Live and learn, I suppose.
This happens with my shell jumper boots, but no other pairs (including boots and shell shoes). It only happens when I'm stepping down from a curb or stairs, toe down, so it doesn't bother me too often.
Are those from Gentlemen's Footwear, or Carmina direct? They look great!
I have a pair of Noix wholecuts from Leatherfoot, and it really is a gorgeous color. I love the Noix chukkas from Gentlemen's Footwear, too. By the way, how do you pronounce Noix? Is the "oix" like the "wah" sound?
I'd be interested in a suede Chelsea MTO, but I heavily prefer a leather sole over Dainite.
Too niche for summer wear, you mean? Personally I've never felt comfortable dressing down low shoes. Boots seem to have more wiggle room, but even casual shoes look weird to me with denim.
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