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The website for saksoff5th avenue sells $199 suits.  Does anyone have any opinion on the quality of the saks 5th ave suits selling for $199.   What about the Hickey Freeman suits at $399, are those suits the outlet version of HF
CPTjeff's reply is most informative.  Thanks.  I have had feet issues, so its hard for me to ever justify buying something used over the internet.   I don't really think I am going to change my methods on shoe buying, although I tend to spend more on suits knowing that all the lessons of well made apply in that arena too.
I have seen a fair amount of hate here for Johnston and Murphy and Cole Hahn, but I am on a budget and that's what I am stuck with.   I was shining the shoes yesterday.  I noticed that the leather on a cheap pair of Bostonian wingtips I bought three  years ago seemed almost plastic.  I did not seem to absorb the polish and instead seemed to repel it.  Nonetheless, they look fine and are comfortable. I would say I will get another two years out of them wearing them...
This is my first post.  I need to add to my suit collection, but I am running on a serious budget.  I own several Hugo Boss suits and Brook Bros suits that I paid 600 to 800 for. I have been happy with those suits.  They have lasted long and look good.  I wear a suit 4 days a week, and  I want to buy something under 500.   What is my best option for a suit under 500.   I know what a decent suit looks like and feels like, and I know what a bad suit looks and feels like.  ...
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