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I missed the bomber.  I really do like his suits though
Fox has a pretty funny lawyer show on starring Rob Lowe, The Grinder.  Lowe is an actor who portrayed a lawyer on TV, his brother, played by Fred Savage, is a real lawyer.   I enjoy the contrast between the styling, but not ridiculous suits and shirts that Lowe wears on the show, compared to the frumpy stuff that Fred Savage wears.  Frankly, the real lawyer on the show dresses like most lawyers I know.   Anyway, anyone know who makes the shirts and suits that Lowe...
The website for saksoff5th avenue sells $199 suits.  Does anyone have any opinion on the quality of the saks 5th ave suits selling for $199.   What about the Hickey Freeman suits at $399, are those suits the outlet version of HF
CPTjeff's reply is most informative.  Thanks.  I have had feet issues, so its hard for me to ever justify buying something used over the internet.   I don't really think I am going to change my methods on shoe buying, although I tend to spend more on suits knowing that all the lessons of well made apply in that arena too.
I have seen a fair amount of hate here for Johnston and Murphy and Cole Hahn, but I am on a budget and that's what I am stuck with.   I was shining the shoes yesterday.  I noticed that the leather on a cheap pair of Bostonian wingtips I bought three  years ago seemed almost plastic.  I did not seem to absorb the polish and instead seemed to repel it.  Nonetheless, they look fine and are comfortable. I would say I will get another two years out of them wearing them...
This is my first post.  I need to add to my suit collection, but I am running on a serious budget.  I own several Hugo Boss suits and Brook Bros suits that I paid 600 to 800 for. I have been happy with those suits.  They have lasted long and look good.  I wear a suit 4 days a week, and  I want to buy something under 500.   What is my best option for a suit under 500.   I know what a decent suit looks like and feels like, and I know what a bad suit looks and feels like.  ...
New Posts  All Forums: