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  Which carrier should he use? USPS?     Saw this thread :   Would this be a better option?
PM sent about black Park Avenue in 6.5D.
I want to order some Allen Edmonds from Endless (20% off for Valentines Day). I'm in Canada. What's the best way to save on brokerage ? Do I just order them directly (I think they use DHL) or should I send it to a friend in the US ? If I use the second option, what's the best way to send a pair of shoes to Canada ?
That's great news. If they got anything in my size in the shoe bank, I might finally be able to get a pair of AE's at a decent price. Thanks for the tip.
Quote:   How much of a discount can I expect ? And isn't the sale only starting next Tuesday ? Why call today ? Thanks.
    What did you ask exactly ? Do they ship to Canada ? 
This is more of a medium check, but might interest you.
I'm looking for a pair of black oxfords, size 6.5D. Ideally under $300. Will be used for special occasions. Keep in mind that I live in Canada.
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