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BTW apropos, your last sentence about the name of a painter goes well with your choice of Patek.  You are buying the name when you purchase a Patek.  I like their watches, but they are way over valued and quite over hyped.  In addition, their dealers are among the most arrogant I have met, with very few exceptions.  I sold mine years ago and went with pieces I liked more.  Also, Patek's are not the most reliable watches and they aren't as accurate as others for 1/4 the...
Anyone know of a good-great cobbler in Seattle?  PM please. Thanks.
+1 on NRO
Rambo,  Check out Timezone.  Really good source for these questions.  Sorry, I can't help.
Looking good!
To each his own.  If you like like it, wear it proudly.  EMartNJ, if you are a serviceman, I salute you!  
    Closest to an exploding head!  Nice watches.  But, they look ridiculous with those straps...  I think a nice watch should have a proper leather strap or a bracelet, if appropriate.  If you live in a hot climate, wear a watch with a bracelet and put those watches away for the summer.  It's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.  I wear a Tissot in the warmer weather.  It isn't even mechanical!  
I'm a WIS, shaddup!
Not a huge fan of Nato straps, except on low end watches.  To put one on a Rolex is wrong in so many ways.
I've had the Astéroîde and it will last forever.  I agree that of all the producers, his wines will last the longest.  RIP Didier.
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