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Chilling the wine will lessen the alcohol esp in the nose.  I agree that you may taste more at warmer temps, but you will notice the flaws as well.  I think it may have been poorly stored/handled at some time.  My 2¢.
Nice looking chukka.  As you said, won't last long.  Would like to see more scans, esp since he's an ebay rookie.  Why is he selling?  Makes you wonder a bit.
I would do the opposite, chill the crap out of it.  Most Chave whites are nice young or older, not in between.  I would consider yours older.  How was the storage, providence?
Why put such a crap closure on a nice leather cap?  I'd rather see an adjustable cinch.  Those plastic gizmo's fail eventually.  Nice cap otherwise.
No question, great piece.  Did you purchase new?  CS makes great dress watches, good value as well.  Like the Breguet numbers. Wear it in the best of health.
Is that the Lapierre?  Kermit Lynch?  Like Beaujolais, esp Diochon.
I posted this before, you can take a deduction for the drop in value due to an accident.  Not sure if it works with a lease, however.  I'm sorry you had to deal with the idiot.  The hassle is the worst part, no compensation for the mental anguish...
Saw a deal listed on sales thread.  Luisa via Roma 20% off w/code FR20SS7.  I'm not sure how much of a deal it is, prices are pretty high to begin with.  Some stuff already discounted, not sure if you can double up.
Same as you.  What I read on the inet.
Used equipment is so much cheaper, worse than cars.  Drops by at least half as soon as it's out the door!  Looks like a great value, based on new.  Have little experience other than the reviews.
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