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I have a very generous friend.  It's a great opportunity to try wines at all stages of their evolution.  The Esch, which I've tasted, is fantastic right now.  Will it improve, no doubt, but a great drink now.  The others may be tight, but our tasting group, which has been together for over 25 years, likes to taste DRC, Dujac, etc on release.  I am very lucky to have very good friends.
Tat, like the avatar.  Had '02 Esch and '06 La Tache the other night.  Really nice.  Tasting all the '09's soon.  Great vintage.
I like that ^^ a lot.  The only problem with vintage is finding one big enough.  I have a V & C vintage that's 36-37mm which is large for late 40's model.  Most are 33-35mm.  How big is yours?
Gitman fit is entirely dependent on size.  I'm a tall person and the tall/longs fit me fine.  With their regular 30-40% additional discount codes, they are a good value.  The smaller trimer sizes may not work for you skinny ass guys.
Mine was the largest size with some exotic wood.  Very nice, except I like the seal on Elie Bleu much better.  Much more expensive, at retail at least.  I wanted to visit their manufacture in Paris, but they were remodeling and it was not possible.  Their craftsmanship is the best in the world.
BTW, Michael is doing a lot of work with musical instruments these days.
Just sold one MD on ebay for $500.  New, they are 1K.  Look for a gently used Elie Bleu.  The best, will last a lifetime.  
Vintage or reg Gitman?  STP has non-vintage at very good prices.  Even fit tall guys!
From Russia with Love...
Red wine with fish?
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